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  1. Be very surprised if the the said incident involving Hutton will get reviewed by the league.They dont care about the lower divisions
  2. Spot on Airdrie players theatrics after the Davidson tackle is laughable though Incident in the first half where bowie was clipped in the box but he decided to stay on his feet,goes down its a penalty
  3. Section B 😂 and any other cnut that tries to cause bother at the football Grow up fffs
  4. You have a friend!? hard to believe
  5. Brilliant stuff.After listening to that followed the link to the highlights of the final.Must say was close to a tear Kinda similar Novar for pre departure refreshments.Bus to some junior clubs ground not far from Ibrox.Many more refreshments,game a semi blur,back on the bus back to Kirkcaldy and back to a rammed Novar( free drink)Then down the high street which had been closed off due to sheer volumes of bodies and empty bottles,there was even folk on Safeways supermarket roof( now B&M).Partied on the street until it became like a scene from the walking dead.Cant remember when or how I got home.Think I spent the rest of the week in the Novar where they had the final on repeat Was fortunate to get to all the european games home and away,the likes i,ll never see again.My one regret,not taking my son to the final Memories 😁
  6. Adulterated pish served up by two poor sides
  7. Certainly are mental as they seem a tad far fetched BBC stats are probably more nearer the mark.
  8. Old terraced starks any day of the week. Standing on railway sleepers and when a goal was scored the stoor from the ash flying about all over the place.Went home like you,d spent a day down the pits
  9. Totally unexciting draw for us.Pish crowd,pish pitch
  10. Aye we were mince but were in the hat for the next round and that is all that counts
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