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  1. Our allocation for Dunfermline game close to sold out.Seventeen tickets left
  2. Couldn,t make the game but Dick said Raith deserved to win the game so that,ll do for me
  3. Undisclosed fee so could have been 3 bob,a set of bibs or a couple of training cones but nothing on the scale of what Ethan Ross would cost compo wise
  4. Not up to speed with any sex offender song but cant say I heard anything untoward that was sung by the young team at recent matches
  5. Pretty sure the 100k from Hibs if it is that isn,t sitting in the clubs bank account yet.Crowd at Celtic game was just over 26k,what that brings into the club I haven,t a clue Paying compensation and possibly substantial compo for Ethan Ross is akin to paying a transfer fee something we havent done for some time
  6. Yeah its one back one out scenario Thought JMc was a bit coy in the interview on other injuries/illnesses
  7. If we win the next round is midweek though Ramsden Cup final being an amazing day was more to do with who were playing and ultimately beat I,m the same as LTD on this game/competition
  8. No The no away fans was subject to discussion on Off The Ball the ball yesterday and they were scrambling about to find the official attendance with no joy
  9. Trying to keep PG in a job Great result Beers will taste all the better tonight
  10. It would be interesting to know actually how many tickets were allocated to the home fans.Reading between the lines though and looking at stadium plan pre match it was a 50/50 split with club working from a 5k capacity No doubt some season ticket holders wouldn,t have been there tonight but TBF dont think it would have been in the hundreds
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