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  1. The interview on the website is in line with the interview he gave on Saturday on Open All Mikes
  2. Is it not the case the club/businesses dont see the furloughed money immediately?Seem to recall it wouldn,t be till June although its backdated till March
  3. Yep,more or less what he said on the radio on Saturday although he did say that with the crowd funding and money handed into the club money raised was 55k
  4. Chris Silvestro is auctioning off his League winners medal from 2008/09 to help the club and the auction closes tonight at 9pm. The current bid is £1119.99!
  5. Sure Bill Clark said players were contracted until June 10ish ,but makes not difference to your point as nobody will be kicking a baw by then anyway
  6. It was BC that said some of the smaller clubs would be struggling
  7. So they can pay out but then they cant because theres a chance all the money is not there? If they did pay out on respective positions now or soon thats an admittance surely the seasons finished/final positions,otherwise if ,although highly unlikely the season resumes some time later the league positions could change but they,ll already have paid out Regards the Cup Final.Ourselves and ICT are entitled to a sum of money for reaching the final irrespective of broadcasters and the two teams in the final is not going to change so that money could be paid now.Gate money is a seperate issue and aware that cant be forthcoming There comes a time when the SFA/SPFL have to make a call.When do you think that should be?
  8. We still have the 5k a month from the players fund and I cant see John Sim just writing off the 800k the club owes him. Sim will get his money back from pitch rental oh wait a minute!
  9. Then why has the prize money not been distributed?Would they pay out on current positions? Technically payment could be made to ourselves and Inverness now for the Caramel Cup final but hasnt
  10. Some clubs especially in the lower division might not be far from going to the wall We wont know if any decision is right or wrong one until a decision is made
  11. Dont quote me on it but sure he said he didn,t expect the season to resume even by August I also took it he meant as things stand with no money coming in
  12. Bill Clark was interviewed on off the ball/ open all mikes and said if this situation continues into August/September its not inconceivable club could fold..in his conversations with other club chairmen this applies to many other clubs who are in a worse position than ours
  13. Shouldn,t be too long till MP,s/MEP,s announce taking a pay cut along with the unelected Royal Family After all,we,re all in this together
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