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  1. If this is indeed true McGlynn is losing or has lost the plot
  2. Can only go on what I,ve seen on the box.Although Livi play decent football they are more a physical, high pressing team,something we might find difficult to deal with Not fussed for this game and just hoping we dont pick up any injuries as securing a play off spots more important than the cup
  3. Not the time for that chat. Ach cut him some slack as its the best he can come up with must be doubly embarrassing for him to be reemed by the so called we team though
  4. That was utterly beautiful and utter blootering Lets not get sucked into Dunfermline were shite,we made them look shite As close to a perfect performance as you,ll get This must be the craziest league when Dundee who have been pretty much hee haw are level on points with us
  5. You wouldn,t You,ll finish in in top 4,what position is anyones guess
  6. Link for 1st Division is the one below the Chamionship,easy mistake to make if you have sausage fingers
  7. 550k mostly funded by the stadium owners Starks Park Properties Wasn,t a lover of artificial surfaces but must say Starks has changed my view.Its a quality surface and would much rather watch us play on that surface than some of the grass tattie fields. Do miss seeing the good old sliding tackles in the mud though
  8. If Hendry plays any deeper he,ll be among the cardboard cut outs in the South Stand
  9. We really should be ahead in this game.Had a number of decent/good chances
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