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  1. As Calderon says,Anderson had great attitude and gave his lot for the jersey Good luck to him
  2. The Pars have previous for inflating attendances so take streaming figures with a pinch of salt Surprised they never announced a crowd of 5000 at the game 😂😉
  3. Thanks RR It,ll also be good to get a comparison from tomorrows game with it being indirectly free to season holders
  4. For raith tv guy that posts on here Are there streaming figures for the East Fife game?.Be interesting to see how much it brought into the club
  5. Found the streaming of first half not great on my laptop with buffering,freezing and the likes,however switched to my ipad and experience no problems. Great quality and good to get a win,however cant say i,m over fussed with this cup,league more important Tait is an excellent talent and if he shows that level of consistency he,ll be worth a bob or two
  6. He isn,t as far as I know embow,he was in the list of nominees that supporters voted on in the early years of HOF.He was due to attend former players association/ rovers down south tribute night to the Rovers greats of the 60s in March but was cancelled due to covid A list of some of the players that were due to attend Frank Burrows, Bobby Stein, Alan Miller, Jocky Richardson, Gordon Wallace, Pat Gardner, Ian Lourie, Tommy Hislop, Davie Weir, Davie Miller, Brian Cooper, Paddy Wilson, Mike Judge, Colin Sinclair. A grand line up
  7. GB Visit this site http://www.raithmuseum.org/index.php/nggallery/page/2?page_id=73 Scroll back and forth theres a number of team photos from the 60s with Bobby One here also https://www.shutterstock.com/editorial/image-editorial/raith-rovers-fc-taken-between-1964-to-1967-left-to-right-back-row-jock-brown-assistant-trainer-tommy-hislop-bobby-stein-alex-gray-tommy-davidson-bobby-reid-jack-bolton-willie-polland-bobby-evans-ian-porterfield-john-fraser-trainer-front-row-al-1466408a
  8. Great to hear hes still going strong GB.Yeah some of us auld buggers are still healthy 🏋️‍♂️😂 I,ll let you know if I find anything related to Bobby
  9. Another that remembers Bobby playing and concur with embow on the type of player he was I have programmes dating back to the 60,s and theres every chance there,ll be some with pics of Bobby.Where the mrs has put them is another question and dare say would take some digging out but happy to do so when I have time
  10. Not disagreeing with you You could also have the scenario where if fans are allowed into games in reduced numbers that number may not be enough to satisfy all season ticket holders of many clubs Anyway,pie in the sky at the moment
  11. This Our Chairman has already muted this in a recent interview With season ticket holders getting first dibs limited/reduced attendance would cost most clubs money
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