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  1. Touched a nerve.I dont need to spend £70 to enjoy myself but whatever floats your boat
  2. I,m baffled how anyone would pay £70 for a jumped up 3 course bar lunch
  3. Its basic guesswork Anyway hes gone and hopefully we can draw a line under it and file it under the other gaffs
  4. Why is it pretty clear?Are you party to the ins and outs of the payment details?
  5. It does look good but as previously mentioned JS was harping on in his latest interview about finances and how the Stadium requires thousands upon thousands of repairs and maintenance.Between that and the club shipping 150k a year,this hub thingy and the goodwillie debacle this man must have more money than I thought
  6. Shit,never crossed my mind is was the keeper JH
  7. Apprently played for Livi reserves against Dunfermline today
  8. The link,folk happy to stand in a 24 hr queue to see a coffin yet not happy to stand in a queue at check in to go on holiday Anyway,time to get back on track with this thread.Had enough of this RF crap
  9. That,ll be Morton,Arbroath and Inverness away on the bounce
  10. Same people that would have been moaning about the hours they had to queue at check in and security and time taken to retrieve their luggage when going their holidays
  11. Saturday was probably one of Liam Dicks best performances for us
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