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  1. Sure Benedictus is or will be our of contract so might have no option but to move on
  2. Hes managed a team that couldn,t beat a poor Queens Park over two games Aye get him in pronto
  3. Turned it over to watch Annan v Edinburgh Much better game
  4. Nowhere in my post I stated I want Brown as manager Was pointing out his career and what hes achieved for someone deemed a thicko
  5. “Brown comes across as an absolute thicko, which is enough for me. “ Your reason for not wanting him as manager
  6. Played in the top tier of Scottish football for best part of his career,played in many big european games, played under some very good managers,a scottish internationalist and a short spell coaching at Aberdeen No bad going for a thicko eh? Pretty sure if he was that much of a thicko he wouldn,t have achieved that
  7. Visualise the courier reporter sitting in his living room scouring football forums to come up with names linked to the job
  8. And throw in our CEO into the mix who by all accounts was involved in negotiations over DG deal who happens to be the wife of Falkirks new assistant Paul Smith
  9. McGlynn put DG to the BoD If he was that much of hurry to get out he should have been man enough to walk it However because he put DG forward to the BoD he didnt
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