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  1. Not 100% about 90% sure eosfl promote rather than save
  2. I don't think they save you in eos I think extra team goes up but not sure
  3. More or less confirms syngenta will fold at the end of the season
  4. Kev mckinley was there as player/coachbprobably was young team with a few players in
  5. Not sure ut was kids that made up the initial juniors team they had I'm sure Kevin mckinley was there that at linlithgow. Which boys clubs have kept yo there ethos. How many have tynecastle or hutchie vale had in their team. Never has and never will be team of graduates. Complete agenda
  6. Manager and coaches I'd have thought. Backroom staff will be physio and kitman
  7. not full draw but Dunipace vs Camelon and Linlithgow vs Newtongrange Sauchie vs St andrews in round 1 ive seen
  8. Depends what the offences went down as some are automatic all games and some are for set competition
  9. Is the draw for the league Cup tonight
  10. My thought was. They've just told us 11am pitch inspection so maybe hopeful
  11. You say that but half there bench last week was 20s players
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