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  1. Pyramid 2019/2020

    That’s assuming there are no further defections to the seniors - which is a very big assumption.
  2. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    A 3G surface at Newtown Park (Bo’Ness EOS) is imminent. Will be down for next season.
  3. LL Relegation

    Excellent point, hadn’t even considered that VOL could actually still finish bottom (15th)
  4. LL Relegation

    The Sunday Mail last week reported that Vale of Leithen were just happy that their LL status was secure for another year. Does this mean that 14th is now definitely safe? What if Cove went up and Albion went down? Apologies, I’m not quite up to speed, I thought 14th as things stood could still go down? Ps - I fully accept that Dalbeattie are almost certain to finish below VOL but just for sake of absolutely certainty re relegation spots I wanted to know the definitive position.
  5. Lowland Trapdoorwatch 2018-19

    They are, and again they are. Both true. But being Kilmarnock based, geographically they are closer to other traditional west of Scotland clubs, that includes top Ayrshire sides, than their current SOS geographic basis. Therefore ideally they would be hopeful the West has a breakaway league in which case they join at the top. if the juniors are however accepted I see no reason why Bonnyton should start at tier 9. There could be a one off conference league system similar to the EOS league this year that accompanies all interested teams in the west.
  6. Lowland Trapdoorwatch 2018-19

    Stranraer are flying and have won all 16 games they’ve played and have 3 games in hand over Bonnyton. They should have the title wrapped up with a few games to play thus ensuring no play-off is necessary. I think in an ideal situation Bonnyton could be part of a West League when that finally comes to fruition. If they don’t get a license this year it’s almost certain they’ll get one next year.
  7. Plastic not so fantastic

    The point is AstroTurf has always had very negative connotations, and rightly so as those pitches were dreadful back in the day. It’s like night and day however compared to modern day 3G. I accept that at the top level players don’t necessarily want to play on it as clubs should have the money to invest in a decent grass pitch with adequate draining etc, but this almost daily barrage in the media by certain clubs who blame them for injuries just doesn’t stack up. Firstly the research tells us otherwise and secondly, are they trying to pretend that injuries didn’t happen on a football pitch prior to 3G pitches being installed. It’s laughable.
  8. Plastic not so fantastic

    Spot on. 3 or 4 posters here making an absolute embarrassment of themselves posting comments out of sheer ignorance. Firstly ‘Astroturf’ is a brand that dates back to the late 80’s. In computing terms it would be Spectrum or Amstrad of computing world. Simply doesn’t exist anymore. Worryingly even Derek McInnes can be added to the list of ignoramus who uses this term. Add in the imbeciles who use the fictitious term of 4g and there’s simply no boundaries!
  9. New development happening at Whitton Park...

    Completely agree with the computer upgrade analogy. Everyone would know where they stand rather than the lazy journalism you see in the press surrounding mythical 4g surfaces. Would be great to see a 3G at Ferguson Park but then again I do like heading through towards the end of the season to see some previously postponed fixtures in midweek with the sun shining. It’s so picturesque.
  10. Darvel Juniors 2018/19

    Haven't been down to Darvel in about 4 years but will definitely return next season to see the changes.
  11. New development happening at Whitton Park...

    Great minds. Here's hoping we get a response from one of the locals. 'BroughtyAthletic JFC' broke the story a couple of years back so hopefully he's still active and able to provide an update.
  12. Lochee Harp

    BUMP Anyone know whether Lochee Harp will leave Downfield in the summer and move into their new facility or is it behind schedule?
  13. New development happening at Whitton Park...

    BUMP Any updates from the proposed developments at Whitton Park?
  14. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    I agree Linlithgow would make an obvious choice. I suspect Bonnyrig may gain promotion through playoffs but would be nice to see both Rose's get promoted. Is the 12th Feb D-day as far as licensing goes? I thought clubs had till end of March to both apply and prove their capability of obtaining a license. If it is the 12th then not long to go - looks like there could be a fair amount of clubs applying which would be great for the league
  15. New tv deal

    Might be worth noting that Chris McLaughlin has tweeted that the £160 Million is the combined amount of the Sky/BBC/Premier Sports deal. He further states that Sky's deal amounts to around £26M per season - therefore Sky are giving around the £130M mark.