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  1. Selkirk FC thread

    Lol love it! Shire had great end to last season so never know. I was there when they went down and I’ll be back if they end up in playoff. Great year for the Lowland League upcoming yet again
  2. Selkirk FC thread

    Projecting miles ahead I too have a hunch that Albion Rovers may finish bottom. Hoping for an EK v Cove playoff as that would be a cracker. Predicting EK going all the way resulting in just the one relegation, potentially saving Welfare - all’s well that ends well. Let’s just end the season now on this!
  3. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    To answer his question on the juniors, the winners of the East, West and North juniors plus Scottish junior cup winners get access to the big Scottish regardless of licensing.
  4. Little Mix up

    Have to Salute them for making the Move. Hopefully their Wings will take them all the way to Alloa.
  5. Dunipace FC

    Official timeline is 12 weeks. Start was delayed a wee bit, so hoping for a run of good weather so the lads can get cracked on. Will the club have to play at another ground for a month or so?
  6. Lowland League Fixtures - 2018/19

    Eyeing up both as things stand. May stay over in Galashiels for Selkirk game if can talk better half into it. She been to Dalbeattie and VOL already so Gretna a good bet for a second night away. Hope I don't have to get married - again!!! Think Edu are at Annan again. We genuinely saw them at Civil last season and sat with their subs who proceeded to look into their polly bags and pull out crossiants and started munching! Absolute quality, couldn’t make it up!
  7. Lowland League Fixtures - 2018/19

    Great stuff NB - had hoped for a night away in Galashiels but a midweek clash has scuppered that. May turn to Selkirk or Gretna for a plan B.......or both! :-)
  8. Lowland League Fixtures - 2018/19

    Think the Welfare graphic may have an error - 20th Apr game is at Peffermill.
  9. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    Great news that another club will be on board in a years time. Not sure about the tier 6 part, more likely to be tier 8.......or tier 7 at best if they opt to regionalise beyond the EOS Premier the following season.
  10. Lochee Harp

    Bump - anyone know if there's been any progress with the new ground?
  11. Dunipace FC

    Thanks for all your help with this, much appreciated.
  12. Dunipace FC

    That’s a really good price - great value for what should prove to be a great league. Can season tickets be ordered over phone by card or have to be in person at ground. Checked website and it says to email enquiries but states email address is to be confirmed.
  13. Dunipace FC

    Are they selling season tickets and if so how much?
  14. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    It'll never catch on!
  15. Scottish Cup 2018-19 qualifying

    Is their no official link confirming that Lothian Thi are now licensed?