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  1. I'll rely on the better knowledge of one or two others to fill in any blanks. The number will however in a all likelihood increase by a hefty amount over the next 5 years or so. Even the next couple of years should see a number or new WoSL sides Licensed.
  2. I think only Girvan and Glasgow Uni are licensed from the WoSL.
  3. Good question. Can't say I'm 100% accurate but of the projected 66 clubs, i.e. 63 west juniors plus Bonnyton Thistle, Glasgow Uni, and Drumchapel United, then it's around 20 of 66, approximately 30%. The West juniors are Ardrossan, Ashfield, Benburb, Carluke, Clydebank, Cumnock, Gartcairn, Greenock, Maryhill, Neilston, Petershill, Port Glasgow, Renfrew, Rossvale, Rutherglen, Shotts, Whitletts and Yoker. Not sure if I've missed anyone. Bonnyton Thistle and Glasgow Uni also have floodlights. I can't speak for Drumchapel United, so am happy to be advised from elsewhere. There are other clubs without lights who are pursuing a club license - off top of my head Talbot, Meadow and St Rochs - so presumably lights will be installed at those grounds, and no doubt many others over the not-too-distant future.
  4. Its really quite simple - there are still tickets available. If anyone wants a ticket, they can be had via the website. Always preferable to see the main stand packed full of home fans, but I'm attending the game as a neutral as a Falkirk supporting friend got me a ticket so I'll be going along with them. I've no need to turn up in Clyde gear or route against the home team in any way so I'm looking forward to taking in the game as a neutral as I think its arguably the tie of the round. As its a tv game especially, it'd be nice to see the main stand packed rather than seeing empty seats on the screen. So if there are fans of other teams out there who want to see what looks a decent game on paper at a very reasonable price, I don't see why they shouldn't come along no matter who they support, especially if their own team are either not playing that day (as is case with me) or their team is away from home and the trip is too far for them. Judging by the thread there appears to be a few Hearts fans who are very keen to attend but the away end is sold out. My Falkirk mate has no issue with them getting a ticket for main stand as long as they are not causing bother. They could easily come and simply not wear their club colours to eradicate any potential flashpoints in the stand. Seems a win-win scenario, they (or other neutrals) get to see the game, and Falkirk benefit financially.
  5. Still several hundred tickets available for either sets of fans who want them so all good. I know of a few Hearts fans who registered with Falkirk through their website. It took 3 mins and lots of tickets in Main stand are still available. Obviously preferable if its home fans but Hearts fans can easily get tickets - just don't wear colours or celebrate away goals and there will be no issues - that's my plan! πŸ˜‰
  6. Pity game was off, hopefully see it later in season. Hope the club do get a permanent home with a 3g pitch. Gives the club a platform on which to build from. And assuming some of the games in hand are won, looks like they'll be right in the mix in the promotion stakes too.
  7. Think I'll take in Bellshill v Port Glasgow game next Sat which looks on paper at least to be a different fixture. Is there any update on Bellshill potentially moving into a new ground at some point? Last I heard they may be looking at a facility at Bellshill Academy -that still the plan?
  8. Ok so regardless of whichever political party you follow, which 3 or 4 powers that are currently held by Westminster do you believe would be better devolved to Scotland and why.
  9. Think you can make an argument that 4 of the very best meet up in the 1st round. Fraserburgh v Bonnyrigg looks an outstanding tie, with the TV game almost certain to be Kelty v Auchinleck, and justifiably so. Personally I can't see anything other than a Kelty win as Nathan Austin alone is leagues above this level and will prove to be the difference. If it's a Fri night clash I look forward to taking it in. But just wanted to look at the draw from a different perspective. Following ties may not have the biggest of fanbases or be the most successful but Dalbeattie v Gala could be a right tasty affair plus the very much unfancied Fort William and Vale of Leithen meet in what could be a cracker at Claggan Park. Sadly my better half is 35 that weekend but I'm thinking a Scottish Cup Fri/Sat double header is totally acceptable as it's not exactly a big birthday, right?
  10. Anyone else thinking this could be the tie of the weekend in the juniors, albeit in a lower league. Haven't been to see VOL in years but think I'll head down there next week as looks like a cracking match-up. Hope the pies are good! πŸ˜‰
  11. Historically absolutely they have protected members, but there's definitely been a change within past year or two. Be interesting to follow how things develop over next year.
  12. Great to see around 7 or 8 clubs heading towards to a potential club license for next season. Be a shame if it’s slightly offset by a number of others potentially losing theirs - Wigtown, Golspie, Girvan and Vale of Leithen prime candidates I fear.
  13. Is it still in Blantyre? Quite fancy this being a Sunday game, and the floodlight fundraising continues. Somewhat strange in that you could possibly argue that preliminary round 2 has a higher percentage of more difficult ties than the first round proper. (not to be confused with some excellent sides entering at round 1). Either way, hope the Welfare prevail.
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