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  1. So true. For me it dates back several years when they were in tier 4 and yet still saw fit to offer Ian Black something like £8k a week to get them out a part time league. I understand its hard to blood youngsters in a two team league when one single defeat can get you lambasted from all angles. But with the players they had when they were in the fourth tier, they could easily have got out of that with the talented youngsters they had at their disposal. And whilst I used to be one of his biggest supporters, and I still believe (fundamentally) that he is a decent guy, I just can't see 'Podcast George' (patented term) taking the moral high ground............but I live in hope.....as that is certainly what he used to believe in (and stand for) prior to his Old Firm love affair.
  2. Forgot about Stevie C. Decent player and a good lad too - came back for one or two functions even after he'd left the club.
  3. Very similar thought process for this year. Had it not been for Covid, I'd have already seen St Cadoc's and Drumchapel etc etc. Hope to see them this year instead along with all the newbies who have been accepted from the Paisley area, Bridgeton etc etc, as well as Campbelltown too. Loving the prospect of all the new grounds!
  4. So basically my background is that I'll go see a few Hearts games, plus Clyde too as they are my local team. But my real passion is non league footie......so most Saturdays I can be seen at a LL/WOS/EOS/SOS.....even a Highland game in order to see every team in the country. There's often no rhyme or reason to it. Basically whatever fixture takes my fancy, regardless of distance, I will make my way there. How bout you?
  5. At 42 I'm not sure I'm too young for any forum.....but I'll take it!!! 🙂
  6. Brilliant re running the lines. Spot on re the names back then. Alan Barraclough I think being another. Mark McLaughlin too....if he came from Maryhill. And yeah same applies......Kelty and co can definitely make huge steps into working their way up the pyramid. Exciting times ahead.
  7. I'm a Kirky boy but moved out to Shuna Street for a few years. Pretty brutal running the line at Lochburn.......that takes an inordinate amount of brave pills! Hope I was kind if I was one of the many towering above! 😛 ps - way back in the day I went to see Clyde for years - we literally took about 7 or 8 guys from a very talented Maryhill side. Clyde ended up in the Championship for a good few years because of that.
  8. Haha.....only in Campbelltown eh? See you're a Maryhill boy.....used to live near there (Ruchill) a number of years ago.......near the McD's (story of my life!) and so seen many a game at Lochburn......such a great view as you're right on top of the park. Wouldn't like to be a linesman there mind you!
  9. Its a shame as I've only been been to see Berwick twice but were such great trips. Great walks the next day down below the town next to the water with the trains overhead. Think Berwick and others have badly misjudged this whole situation.
  10. Whilst not a massive proponent of the Colts idea myself.....I much prefer smaller towns/teams with history meeting that actually means something to the fans, I do accept your argument to an extent about Colts teams. Obviously it wont truly benefit the OF or indeed potentially (if at all) the national team until they have worked their way up. Do you not however accept that, even if you are all for the prospect of the OF Colts, there is something inherently wrong about starting two or 3 levels above the bottom rung....and having to pay clubs off to start at that level in the first place? Yes you can argue its a one year deal.......but if so then why not just start at bottom tier - it's not as if the Kai Kennedy's of the world who has done so well at Raith would be sent to play at Lowland Level anyway. If you start at the bottom you could then make this a potential long term goal of working up the divisions etc without all the furore of sporting integrity and bungs being levelled at both clubs. A bit of 'reading the room' by these two clubs wouldn't have gone amiss.
  11. Funny you should say Macrihanish. It's one of three Campbelltown memories I have. 1) My recently passed dad loved golf and he took (a young me) round Macrihanish course where he played a round. 2) Being young I was captivated by a place called (I think) - The Chocolate Box.....does what it says on the tin.......probably long gone. 3) There was also a cinema....not sure if it's still there. Me and my cousins went to see something like ....Rocket Man back in the 90's. Rock and roll lifestyle I used to live!!!
  12. I'm already eyeing up accommodation for a possible trip there to see a game. Remember going to Campbelltown once as a youngster - not necessarily a lot to do but be great to revisit and catch a game whilst I'm there.
  13. Peffermill is a nice day out, and very picturesque too. Also, when they were selected as part of the Groundhopper weekend, Edinburgh Uni went out of their way to make a whole raft of homemade sandwiches which from memory went down an absolute treat with all the day visitors who were delighted at the personal touch they experienced that day. Kudos all round.
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