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  1. Pyramid 2019/2020

    Personally I think the Lowland should remain at 16. I also remember reading a few quotes from Highland teams last season stating that due to postponements etc, they are having to play games in midweek as there’s rarely any free Saturdays. This is having a significant financial impact on them. They favour going to 16 but can’t as things stand as there’s is no mechanism to do so. Sadly that is unlikely to change anytime soon.
  2. Bonnyrigg Rose 2018-19

    I really hope this grows arms and legs and goes the whole way. The SFA are so morally reprehensible, Bonnyrigg are actually turning to Politicians of all people, somewhat ironically, in the hope that they take the moral high ground! Quite right too, Bonnyrigg are to be applauded. Infact, now that Line of Duty has ended for another season and they are at a loss for something to do for the foreseeable future, any chance of AC12 turning up at Hampden - if they can’t detect any corruption within those offices then they don’t deserve a 6th series!
  3. Title Round Robin 'hood

    Deserved win for Bonnyrigg though nearly blew it at the death when it seemed easier to score than miss to make it 2-2. Great save though. First time I’ve seen Bonnyrigg this season but thought number 4 Kerr Young was superb at the back.
  4. Title Round Robin 'hood

    My bad. Simply meant a lot of hard work was going on behind the scenes such as the fundraisers and that an application had also been submitted. Basic point being that floodlights weren’t exactly just a pipe dream, which is good as the more licensed clubs the better.
  5. Title Round Robin 'hood

    Unlikely. I suspect they’ll be awarded a Club License as floodlights are at an advanced stage and subsequently be promoted.
  6. The East Kilbride FC Thread

    Been to most places in Scotland for a game but excuse my Glasgow background, never even heard of Heaton Stannington. Heard of Paul Heaton, but probably not quite same thing. Maybe this summer for a pre season friendly tournament, will try keep in touch.
  7. The East Kilbride FC Thread

    Seen both teams this year too and must admit, partially due to them playing in a tougher league, I too gave the edge to EK, but how wrong I was. Will be at Broxburn v Bonnyrigg next week so won’t see return leg but can’t see anything but Cove going through. Never got to my annual trip to see Whitehill this year sadly for first time in years, so will need to double up next year in the EOS top league - some brilliant match ups.
  8. The East Kilbride FC Thread

    Meant to add, am I right in thinking that both Craig Brown and Ian Maxwell were in attendance too. Pretty positive both walked past at half time. Here’s hoping someone’s had a wee word with Mr M re the East region.
  9. The East Kilbride FC Thread

    Can't disagree with any of the above. EK just seemed very flat for large parts of the game and the score should have been more emphatic - yet they somehow got a lifeline at the end. Jamie Longworth was arguably Kilby's best player in the short time he had on the field as a sub, prior to that EK were essentially no threat. The dominance of Cove at multiple corners was frightening. The last 4 years worth of play-offs have been great to watch but that's perhaps one of the best performances I've seen. Far from over however and what a chance the winners have of promotion as Berwick appear to be in a sorry state. Best of luck to both sides for the second leg.
  10. The East Kilbride FC Thread

    Looking forward to coming through for this. Both are so good defensively, here's hoping for an early goal to liven things up from the get-go.
  11. Club Licencing

    No, they play each other over 8 days or so it’s likely to go to the wire.
  12. Club Licencing

    Exactly, even better that Penicuik and Broxburn meet first - should be a very close game. Big crowd too.
  13. Club Licencing

    Will be fun going to the three playoffs - well maybe not for the fans of the clubs involved.
  14. Club Licencing

    I agree, but I’m almost certain that Bonnyrigg will emerge victorious and if they can give a firm commitment to a date re floodlight installation (and essentially therefore a club license) sometime over the summer hols, then I’d be absolutely astonished if the SFA veto’d that promotion. (Although where this blind faith comes from is anyone’s guess lol)
  15. Club Licencing

    I’d be shocked if the EOS Champ wasn’t licensed.