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  1. Ok so regardless of whichever political party you follow, which 3 or 4 powers that are currently held by Westminster do you believe would be better devolved to Scotland and why.
  2. Think you can make an argument that 4 of the very best meet up in the 1st round. Fraserburgh v Bonnyrigg looks an outstanding tie, with the TV game almost certain to be Kelty v Auchinleck, and justifiably so. Personally I can't see anything other than a Kelty win as Nathan Austin alone is leagues above this level and will prove to be the difference. If it's a Fri night clash I look forward to taking it in. But just wanted to look at the draw from a different perspective. Following ties may not have the biggest of fanbases or be the most successful but Dalbeattie v Gala could be a right tasty affair plus the very much unfancied Fort William and Vale of Leithen meet in what could be a cracker at Claggan Park. Sadly my better half is 35 that weekend but I'm thinking a Scottish Cup Fri/Sat double header is totally acceptable as it's not exactly a big birthday, right?
  3. Anyone else thinking this could be the tie of the weekend in the juniors, albeit in a lower league. Haven't been to see VOL in years but think I'll head down there next week as looks like a cracking match-up. Hope the pies are good! 😉
  4. Historically absolutely they have protected members, but there's definitely been a change within past year or two. Be interesting to follow how things develop over next year.
  5. Great to see around 7 or 8 clubs heading towards to a potential club license for next season. Be a shame if it’s slightly offset by a number of others potentially losing theirs - Wigtown, Golspie, Girvan and Vale of Leithen prime candidates I fear.
  6. Is it still in Blantyre? Quite fancy this being a Sunday game, and the floodlight fundraising continues. Somewhat strange in that you could possibly argue that preliminary round 2 has a higher percentage of more difficult ties than the first round proper. (not to be confused with some excellent sides entering at round 1). Either way, hope the Welfare prevail.
  7. Kelty will stroll to the Lowland title, beat the Highland champs, and beat club 42 too. I'm in no doubt whatsoever.
  8. Hah genuinely tried but 3 of them have turned me down already. Hopefully the 4th will come. Will also pick up a scarf whilst I’m there.
  9. Ok so as a Weegie who used to visit Tynie every other week back in the day, with a huge soft spot for the Welfare, is the friendly match on the 6th pay at the gate?
  10. Have Lochee Harp agreed another season at Downfield do we know, or has there been a fair bit work done on their new ground?
  11. Personally I think the Lowland should remain at 16. I also remember reading a few quotes from Highland teams last season stating that due to postponements etc, they are having to play games in midweek as there’s rarely any free Saturdays. This is having a significant financial impact on them. They favour going to 16 but can’t as things stand as there’s is no mechanism to do so. Sadly that is unlikely to change anytime soon.
  12. I really hope this grows arms and legs and goes the whole way. The SFA are so morally reprehensible, Bonnyrigg are actually turning to Politicians of all people, somewhat ironically, in the hope that they take the moral high ground! Quite right too, Bonnyrigg are to be applauded. Infact, now that Line of Duty has ended for another season and they are at a loss for something to do for the foreseeable future, any chance of AC12 turning up at Hampden - if they can’t detect any corruption within those offices then they don’t deserve a 6th series!
  13. Deserved win for Bonnyrigg though nearly blew it at the death when it seemed easier to score than miss to make it 2-2. Great save though. First time I’ve seen Bonnyrigg this season but thought number 4 Kerr Young was superb at the back.
  14. My bad. Simply meant a lot of hard work was going on behind the scenes such as the fundraisers and that an application had also been submitted. Basic point being that floodlights weren’t exactly just a pipe dream, which is good as the more licensed clubs the better.
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