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  1. I've got to say, the travelling Bears (especially the drummers) have been brilliant today.
  2. I had forgotten that it was only a bob to get in!!!!! It was the one and only time I ended up in the short-lived Centenary Stand.
  3. I'm new here and I've just stumbled onto this thread. 10200 (ten thousand and two hundred) pages about something that never actually happened!!!! There must be some really sad individuals on here?
  4. Here is a wee question for you. Name the compilation LP released by the Sex Pistols that could describe Buddie's post.
  5. Any, and I mean ANY advert where they play a popular song, but jump/edit/abridge to different parts of the song. The latest one that springs to mind (and I can't for the life of me remember what it's plugging) has desecrated Queen's Don't Stop Me Now.
  6. Great repost, mate. It reminds me of a song by the Isley Brothers. Behind A Painted Smile
  7. The "pet" name I gave you is directly related to the bloke (Duckie Dale) in your avatar. As for being a "denier"? I'm afraid that I would rather believe what FIFA and UEFA tell me, than a pathetic troll like your good self?
  8. Duckie, I can call you Duckie? I'm only in my mid 60s, and as for "living in North Korea" you couldn't be more wrong? In fact Duckie, I spent the best part of 25 years of my working life at a factory no more than a quarter of a mile from East End Park, and 5 years working a couple of miles away in Rosyth! Now Duckie, to answer your questions. a) Where do I start? b) Duckie mate, do yourself a favour and check out the official UEFA/FIFA websites. c) 5 times finalists in major European football competitions to begin with, and (off the top of my head) 120 domestic honours. And as for your "Buckfast and Ketamine" comment Duckie, I think that says everything about you and your own sad lifestyle?
  9. A big thank you to the nations league for turning 6 meaningless friendlies into ..... erm........ 6 glorified friendlies?
  10. Alfie Conn was also one of the Barca Bears that won the ECWC in 1972.
  11. American all female band Fanny cover of the Beatles tune Hey Bulldog.
  12. I'm here to uphold the good name and 150 year history of The Famous Glasgow Rangers.
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