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  1. Top boys at the club clearly out their depth would av been better letting the manager sell the club to craigroyston when he tried
  2. Kinnoull pressing charges for assault on committee guy now suppose that’s what happens when ye let a guy like that back into yer club. leith committee need to have a fucking word with themselves letting this go on embarrassing now!!
  3. 3 c***s sent off, shagged again, miles off even challenging for promotion, players coming back for the millionth time before probably leaving again in a couple of months dinny ken how many times I have tae tell folk it’s a fucking shambles!! Get Harvey in to sort this shite out
  4. 1-1 v 2nd bottom shite got tae wonder how far this can go before the club do something about it. Making a c**t of themselfs now!
  5. Is it true he wasn’t there last week and they won then he was back this week and lost its Harvey time!!
  6. How did he get the job at Berwick, fi doing good jobs at edin utd Haddington n peniculk. Couldnae dae any worse than what’s happening the now
  7. Creating a new thread cause the last one was taken over by fannies fi sandys leith need to go get Johnny Harvey NOW!! Seen he left Camelon lives local kens humey Kano kens how to get promoted and will get the players in. whoever makes the decisions at leith needs to get it done!
  8. Forget aw the shite that comes wi him the results are fucking terrible n have been for ages!! Got tae go!!
  9. Av been telt to no say anymore so I won’t, unless I’ve got a few beers in me the morn
  10. Bottled 3 cup finals, bottled about 10 promotions, now losing to shite like Burntisland Armadale Glenrothes and Coldstream should be sacked just for that. Humey needs to take over and am no just saying that cos he’s a mate
  11. Coldstream 2 leith 1 nae words for it!!
  12. It’s been the same for 5 years now, same old failures on the pitch, same old player turnover, same old reason guys walking away fi the club. Why did the big guy leave since you seem tae Ken?
  13. Captain away now anaw! If the committee kens what’s good for them theyd tell him to bolt to Craigroyston like he tried to do in the first place anyway and give it to paddsy&humey before kayno walks tae
  14. One of the players just told me that the big guy who did the program & loads of other stuff just left tae. Were does it all end!
  15. From what I hear in the boozer, Ricky got offered £3k fell out with the gaffer then left after a few games with a k in his tail. Canny be true??
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