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  1. decent goalscorer, keep the squad fit. couple of loans. no reason why we can't improve on 4th place.
  2. Jamie Redman signs. I year deal. ... interesting
  3. can you confirm if the white line on Bobby Linn's shirt is actually cocaine.
  4. best pic... Stevie Doris with I love Dick cap on goal celebration... obviously I don't have the picture, perhaps our smokie friends can post it.
  5. bolo and hay are under contract for the next season. macdonald has left
  6. so this seasons Arbroath squad then.............
  7. we all couldn't go up to be fair - the SFL ain't ready for the four of us in one league. still no Angus side finished lower than fourth in their respective leagues. Some teams that didn't get promoted even won the Angus League 2 League.
  8. boo, nae Angus league derbies... welcome home Peterhead.
  9. tbh both Rory and Swanks are prone to amazing dives on the pitch . curiously both players have been carded for "simulation" offences in matches against the MO this season.
  10. Now now Simon no mention of the Angus Utd piffle. point being made was that the actual population of the home of Ross County is by your definition of population a village. Arbroath's postcode encompasses from Lunan to Carnoustie and Friockheim, quite a large catchment area. the small irrelevant village team is one match from the championship, as much as it pains me, and have been the best performing Angus side in the last few years - so your condescending patronising drivel just disnae add up by the natural progression of your argument about population size, large is by no means a guarantee of success. Scotland a country of 5 million has continually punched above its weight on the world stage through invention.
  11. Dingwalls population is 5,491 and by that statistical data is a village - yet Ross County play in the SPL. . next question Simon
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