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  1. McGinty could have passed it back to the GK but done the classic of hit it out or punt it 40 yards up the field. Still doesn't excuse the defending from the resulting throw in mind you
  2. Compare man for man this team with McCall’s team that beat Dundee Utd 5-0 - how many of this team would get in that side? In theory, Dipo would, but in the real world I would never split up Shankland and Moffat. This.
  3. As much as I agree, but if if that's the case what's the harm in starting him and playing him for 45/60mins to then bring on JML
  4. I'm sure we beat Falkirk 1-0 away from home that game. I ended up getting thrown out after Tarzan at half time for reasons I still don't know. I followed the young lad through the bushes and shrubs but couldn't climb up the tree unfortunately. I ended up watching it through a crack in a gate beside the corner flag until smelly steward threatened to call the police as I was on private property. Some laugh
  5. Nevermind, cove down to 10 not 9. Bet 365 is having a stroke
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