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  1. Based on what? The handful of times you saw him play against us? I know you feel the need to defend everything that goes on at FFC these days but that's just daft.
  2. So you must have supported the two year deal for Hetherington given he was PT?
  3. Dishing out two year deals when there's a real possibility that we'll be hybrid or part time in 24/25 is mad. Holt rightly got criticised for handing out 2 and 3 year deals but now we're just repeating the same mistakes. I'm all for the manager getting freedom to sign the players but should he really be tieing the club's hands for future seasons when there's doubt over our full-time status and whether he'll still be in a job in 24/25.
  4. So given this season's budget was higher than last season, does that mean the club massively overspent this season too?
  5. The club is owned by SOME fans. It's not a democracy when you have to pay £10k to have a say in removing one of the patron directors. Always a laugh telling others not to buy season tickets when you don't have one yourself.
  6. Funny how much you've changed your tune. Haven't you been the guy advocating a season ticket boycott every year for the past 5-6 seasons?? Amazing what having some pals on the board will do.
  7. The problem with initiatives such as FSS and Falkirk Forever is that the promises made to spend the money on X or Y are meaningless. As soon as the money hits the club bank account then Directors are duty bound to spend it on what they deem are in the best interests of the business. And with no transparency around what the football budget is - how would anyone ever know that the money has gone there?
  8. It's basically a replacement for B4L - but this time directly under the control of the club
  9. There's no doubt we have improved on last season. But the real question is have we improved enough to justify the significant extra budget that JM has used and arguably wasted? He's signed a string of goalkeepers, each one worse than the last. Finn Yeats who despite a promising start has fallen away badly. Lawal and two strikers (Burrell and Allan) who the manager clearly doesn't rate - the latter even costing us a fee. I'd probably suggest he has a 50% success rate in his recruitment which is simply not good enough. Let's also take this semi-final issue off the table. It's being used to paper over so many cracks. I would wager than in the history of the Scottish Cup no team has had an easier route to the semi-final, and indeed the final if we make it. So lets no kid ourselves on that reaching the Scottish Cup semi-final is some massive achievement. It's not.
  10. M&M inherited a decent squad? It's amazing how'll you just make up anything to suit your argument. Have a look at their first game v Linlithgow and you'll see some shockers in there - Gary Miller, Denny Johnstone, Connor Sammon, Ian McShane. Need I go on?
  11. There is an in-built logic that if they are bringing the finance function back in-house it is because it either doesn't work or it is more expensive than hiring someone to do the job at TFS. If it was working well and was a cheaper option then why would they bring it back in house? Surely we can agree on that? But indeed, lets wait and see at the AGM. See you there
  12. Ah that old classic. Dare to remotely question the actions of the current BOD and you must automatically be a member of an old regime. As brockvillenomore would say - tiresome and sadly all too predictable.
  13. And what would that agenda be? There is no contortion. The previous finance person left and rather than replace them the club decided to outsource the finance function. They've now realised that was an expensive mistake and brought the role back in house.
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