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  1. Might take you more seriously if you weren't having a pop at Elgin on a different thread for their way of trying to get more fans in. Basically you want to live in a utopia where everyone does exactly what you want them to do & the outcome is exactly how you want it to be. Weird af tbh wi ye & you're acting like you're some kind of moral authority. GIFUY you deluded p***k. And aye, entirely fake. You're idea of making things competitive is by telling Anthony Joshua to never use his right hand. Or Finn Russell to never kick. You should be embarrassed. Imagine your mindset being that the only way to compete is by restricting how good others can be. What a joke - tragic.
  2. On paper, Brighton's the perfect move for him. Glad he's out of Chelsea, he just needs regular games to develop now.
  3. I understand that you want to create a fake competitiveness in the league at the expense of any hope of quality. Only in Scotland would the solution be to drag the top down & make everyone shite, instead of wanting ways for the bottom to improve & get closer to the top. Your plan would be the death of any kind of ambition, and I'm not just talking from a Celtic point of view.
  4. What a pointless idea a salary cap is btw. All it'll do is send our league even further backwards if the rest of football isn't applying the same rules. Handicap ourselves for no reason.
  5. Tell me you've never had Papa Johns without telling me you've never had Papa Johns.
  6. I'm not saying Dominos is bad, but Papas is in a different league. Worth ordering from there just for the tubs of special garlic sauce.
  7. We know County will try & kick us off the pitch up there so I'd expect a lot of changes. Not worth risking injuries ahead of sevco & Madrid. Might have to settle for just the 5 goals this game.
  8. Papa Johns are the exact same. God tier pizzas but the prices without using the offers are mental.
  9. MOTD is a highlights show which features every team that has played in the Premier League that day, so don't know how that's relevant? When the BBC have English FA Cup games they select the ties featuring the biggest clubs. My point is that this happens in literally every country. But there's a weird victim complex among the diddies here like Scotland is a unique case. Big clubs have bigger fanbases. Big clubs have bigger interest in them. It's not rocket science why Dundee v Falkirk wasn't chosen instead.
  10. Feels like we've lifted it to another level this season, some of our attacking play is outrageous at the moment. I don't see anybody in the league able to live with us when we're in the form we are, including the zombies. Chance to make an early season statement.
  11. Aye, absolute scandal that the teams who most people in the country want to watch & therefore guarantee a bigger TV audience are the ones selected to be shown on television. You'd never get Spanish TV picking Real & Barca or English TV picking Liverpool & Man Utd.
  12. True. Winning football matches & scoring goals is actually something to be ashamed of rather than to celebrate. Or something.
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