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  1. So would you rather have Davidson alway talking the team down saying we are lucky to be in this league or someone trying to big the team up. as for being part of the problem do you know how the management system works, manager, ass manager then coaches the only person to blame is the previous manager who was probably to stubborn to listen to anyone's advice and do you really think young Brown would let macca stay on as temp manager if he was that bad . yes your right there is no guarantees in football but McLean is quite obviously wanting this job and is trying to say the right things to get it he might end up with egg on his face in which case it will be bye bye thank for your efforts now f**k off
  2. I think you need to look at some of you own comments in my book you are a total and utter knickers wetter some of your posts I find bizarre I personally would want a manager who is trying to talk up his team than the shit that came out of Davidson mouth if it comes about that he fails to live up to what he said probably no harm done as the way were playing we where going down under Davidson
  3. Well said that man you are right on every thing you have written
  4. Can't see that happening Snodgrass will still be wanting a decent wage which saints don't pay plus he is not a out and out striker which surely is what we need
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