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  1. I said this a while back, but I'm not convinced JH will want to stay at County regardless of whither he keeps us up or not. Can't really put my finger on what it is, but I wouldn't be surprised to see him leave in the summer. If it was down to me, however, I'd be reasonably pleased if he stays. For all that we've played some shite football this year, not least Wednesday night, I've not been quite as despondent as some on here with some of the performances. Keeps us up = a shot at next season imo.
  2. Ahh Savage, you're back. Missed you on the DUFC thread. Hopfully we start finding White from a goal kick a bit further up the pitch than just inside his own half, this 45 minutes. Tillson has looked pretty ropey, Vigurs and Gardyne struggling to get in the game and our defence is shitting it every time Hamilton bang a long ball forward - which is a problem because that's all they're doing. Must. Do. Better.
  3. You'd assume we will line up same as DUFC game, but who knows. I feel confident going into this, but unsure if that's warranted or delusional. Win please, at any costs.
  4. Callum Morris is possibly the only other I'd add to that list. I'd personally go for Laidlaw. Hjelde YPOTY for me.
  5. I see County, along with St Mirren, Hamilton and Livingston have been refused a licence from the SFA to play in Europe next season. Double glad I didn't apply for one of those stinking blue passports now.
  6. Think Tilson was knocked off balance by the Killie player behind him. Haven't watched it again so that's going on memory. Lafferty did exactly the same thing in Dingwall last month, and also elbowed Iacovitti in the puss as well yesterday. Once, you can pass it off as probably accidental, but over the two games against County Lafferty has been elbows akimbo several times.
  7. My thoughts exactly, felt we were well on top when we scored and then totally took our foot off the gas. Stephen Craigan said on the County feed that 3 points were there for the taking if County wanted them, and he was right. Killie were the team looking most likely to score a winner in the closing stages, but by that point County had dropped a man deeper into midfield and had settled for a point, frustratingly. On a side note, Kyle Lafferty has probably got away with one again today.
  8. Two really soft goals to concede, but IMO we're the better team. Passing it around quite well but need to be a bit more creative in final third. Gardyne unlucky with his chance. Naismith has got a lot of space down the right, if he can find a better ball McKay and White will give Killie problems. If we can sort get our shit together when defending set pieces I'd be hopful we can get something from the game.
  9. And a 200 year old Tremarco bombing up and down the flank. Route 1 football.
  10. McKay deserves to start up front. He's been in amongst the goals recently and as much as I was disappointed when Shaw was dropped after White came in, Billy has taken his chance and IMO has looked pretty sharp. I'd go with; Laidlaw Naismith Watson Iacovitti Hjelde Spittal Tilson Draper Lakin Hylton McKay Hughes wont though.
  11. The game on Friday was one of the most sub-standard County performances I've seen in years, and we've hardly set the heather alight this season. If we can get out of this with a point I'd be happy. We struggled to create anything against ICT so I'd like JH to find a place in his tombola for Hylton. We are a more dangerous side when he plays, and given it's a certainty we will concede we need to have something about us going forward on Saturday. Kelly and Vigurs were not alone in their poor performaces, but in my humble opinion stood out as particularly shite on Friday, and I'd like to see Tilson and Draper in with Lakin instead. Unless there is a MASSIVE turn around from ICT we're in for a long afternoon.
  12. Didn't have the heart to read the last 8 pages of Caley fans, quite rightly, giving it big licks, so apologies if this has been posted already, but... First and foremost, well deserved win for Caley. Wanted it more from start to finish. No complaints about the result. As for County, f**k me. Kelly - shite. Vigurs - shite. Shaw and McKay had hee haw to feed off. Defence was pathetic. If we play like that between now and the end of the season we are fucking down. As far as I'm concerned, there are no positives to take from tonight whatsoever.
  13. Robbie Earnshaw came across as a p***k when I met him in a casino in Cardiff. Was down for the Scotland game and Wales had just banged us 4-0, so you'd have thought he might have taken pity on us, but no. Miserable person. Met Alex Williams in a kebab shop in Glasgow around about 2006/07, was playing for County at the time. He was sound, and even told his mate who was trying to be a wideo to shut the f**k up so he could talk to us. Seemed a decent guy.
  14. Hasn't Shankland been in most of the recent squads? Just a personal opinion, but I don't think Fleck has done much at all for a while when he's played for Scotland.
  15. Can someone inform me why Fleck is in that squad? Have I missed a rapid upturn in his form? Can't really complain otherwise.
  16. Hes spot on btw. Nothing he's said there is incorrect, and fair play to him because I'd have been a seething mess.
  17. That was a tough one to take. Don't think it was a penalty. Boyle is a cheating little f**k. Beaton is utterly shite. On balance, I think we were worth a draw. Hibs had some massive chances when we were pushing forward and Laidlaw made some quality saves, but had Boyle been off, as he should have been at 1-1, it's a different game. Regardless, its 2 poor goals we've lost AGAIN today. When White hit the post having already missed a guilt edged chance at 1-1 I just felt luck wasn't on our side today. Quite like Hibs generally, but Boyle has really fucked me off the day.
  18. That was a fairly boring half of football. Hibs the better side, and it's only a matter of time before Boyle beats the offside trap and is clean through. Lost of direct, long balls from both sides but at least Hibs look like they have a purpose in their passing, where we are just banging aimless balls up into the channels for White and McKay to feed off. Spittal looks like he is trying to at least put more than 2 phases together, but the midfield generally have been second best. I'd take a point right now.
  19. As much as I'd like to see Hylton back in from the start, if JH sticks with 352/532 then I can't see a starting spot for him. Iirc(?) the games against hibs this season we've went 451 so we'll see. Given we've struggled to back up any win since August I'd be happy with a point. Win would be just smashing.
  20. The guys on Sportsound were talking before the Killie game, and they weren't sure JH knows his best team or formation yet. It's hard to argue with that assessment. I was disappointed not to see Shaw and Hylton start on Saturday, more so Hylton because for my money he's been great for us this season. McKay had maybe slipped off the radar a little bit so delighted for him to pop up with 2 massive goals. I thought we started well, but as soon as Killie took the lead we lost all momentum and confidence. That is a concern. I'm confident we're better in attack now though, so if we can get that mentality right even if we do go behind, that's half the battle IMO. If ever there was a time to settle on at least a core of 8/9 players you trust, it's 2 games before the relegation split.
  21. Even Jamie Lyall had a (light hearted) swipe in commentary on Saturday at Donaldson. Had a chuckle to myself.
  22. Sketchy performance today, but when we had our chances we generally took them. Shaw might have sealed it at the end to ease the nerves a bit, but a massive 3 points. We are a bombscare at the back, though. Both Killie goals were completely avoidable, Watson is a player I like but both he and Laidlaw will want that one back again. Naismith a stand out for us again. Chuffed for Leo as well, great goal. Edited to add - Thought Hjelde was good all round today.
  23. Only saw bits of the StM game so I'll take your word on White. However seeing how quickly JH has put him in since he arrived, at the expense of Shaw who had been playing well, suggests to me that he's unlikely to drop him. I'd like to see how both of them play together, as Shaw didn't deserve to be dropped in the first place. In saying all that, given how JH likes to mix it up with his selections I wouldn't be surprised to see RCC start up front.
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