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  1. My observation wasn't based on something Casey said, although I was agreeing with his sentiment. My observation was based on the fact they're shit. Hope this clears it up
  2. It was merely an (fairly obvious, granted) observation. As one of the 4 teams who went down last year (as quoted in the original post) you'd have thought it might have been a target for them. Then again, maybe not. I'll be sure to check with you beforehand next time though.
  3. Aiko just through the door and he's injured. Good news is, that because hes signed a 3 year deal, it's a relatively short period he'll be out for... https://www.ross-shirejournal.co.uk/sport/injured-staggies-available-for-hearts-trip-282793/
  4. I was at the game, and while there's no doubt it was an underwhelming County performance, Alloa's only shot on target was the penalty. First half County were comfortable - credit to Alloa in the second half, they came out and made it difficult for us. We didn't help ourselves at times, long punts from either Baldwin or Iacovitti into no man's land, Samuel playing almost as a sitting midfielder at times or Jordy Hiwula leading the line with no one within 25 yards or him. Lots to improve on, but like other have said plenty of changes over the last 3 games and hopefully against East Fife we'll see close to a first 11 going into the Hearts game.
  5. I'd like to hope County step it up a bit from the previous 2 games. Be decent to see Aiko get a run out at some point.
  6. I've just seen the highlights (ParsTV) now, and if they're a fair reflection then we're gonna need to buck up our ideas pretty quickly. Don't know how Dunfermline didn't score with a couple of their chances. It took us weeks to gel last season but I doubt we could afford even a similar start this year. Another big turnover but MM needs to find a way to get round that early this season.
  7. None of the above. Right back Callum Johnson sings a 2 year deal. Most recently with Fleetwood.
  8. Sunday nights on The Jailender with the communal chat function. Pure Pixar man
  9. It's been almost 20 years I've been on OTB, and it is sad that it is coming to an end. I've barely posted in years, but when I was growing up it was effectively the only way a teenager living in the central belt would keep up to date with all things County. It has lost almost all of its buzz in recent times, and theres no doubt it has been squeezed out almost completely. Nonetheless, for me anyway, and it's probably the nostalgia speaking, but it's a shame.
  10. County game is much the same. Credit to Buckie they're not giving County a second.
  11. That white top is smert, but one stray swig of your bev and it'll be minging. Don't mind the home top either, actually.
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