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  1. Australia manager Graham Arnold has said he's looking at swiping another few Scottish players for his Australia squad in the coming months. However, he's keeping tight lipped on who they may be in case Steve Clarke nips in and bags them. So, who do we think they may be? I mean, we can't really afford to lose out on the next Jason Cummings so best to bring them to the attention of the NT selectors before this travesty is allowed to happen.
  2. Can't argue with anything you've said there. It was more in reply to SH's post, re similar attendances.
  3. Wouldn't worry too much about it, your club will be stone dead by that point and the fans will be flocking across the Kessock in their tens. Enjoy your weekend, mate
  4. Inverness has 9 times the population Dingwall does? Agree its a horrible place to watch football, the ground is a fucking hole.
  5. Are the company doing the catering just now local? If so you'd have thought they'd be keen not piss folk up there off.
  6. They ran out of milk on Saturday as well, so got powdered shite that clumped together perfectly in the coffee. Would have been better with cottage cheese.
  7. First and foremost, to have any chance of keeping Brophy beyond the end of the season we need to stay up. Secondly, Brophy needs to feel like he is getting back to his best and enjoying playing for the club, which hopefully he is. Lastly, we'd need the finances to entice him to stay. Even if we met all 3, there could still be a more appealing offer on the table. I'm taking it on face value at the moment, and will enjoy the next few months that he's at the club. What happens after - we'll see, but I'd like to think that if he continues on the form he's in now then we'd at least ask the question.
  8. Granted, United were poor today, but that was a very good display from County. Brophy was brilliant, his second goal was as good a goal we've scored in a while. Such an improvement from last week, made the 6 hour round trip worth it.
  9. I've genuinely watched just about every game this season, too. For my 2 cent, he needs dropped or moved from RWB. Would be happy enough to see him start in the back 3 tomorrow if it meant Gwion Edwards played in front of him.
  10. I had never considered playing Randall at RCB, but with rank rotten stats like that from a genuine full back it's maybe not the worst idea. He's been so frustrating this season, getting into decent enough positions down the right wing only to pass the ball backwards and ultimately see it shelled forward into no man's land by one of the CBs.
  11. Gwion Edwards did look like he could offer more going forward, but Randall appears to have fallen into that undroppable category that Callachan was in for the majority of the season.
  12. As was stated elsewhere, with the exception of the two Glasgow mutants, every other team in the league can beat anyone else on any given day. It's not unreasonable (optimistic at times, perhaps) to suggest that games against St Mirren and the likes are a chance of points. The same would be true if the tables were turned and County were on form, and not one County fan would be taking to an online platform to shoot anyone who said otherwise down.
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