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  1. My team east fife have seemingly enquired about Reilly on loan but he doesn’t want to come,dont blame him as we are awful but are crying out for a bit experience upfront,wer looking for a goal scorer so not sure if he’d do well at our crap level
  2. Since it’s on the other forums thot I’d put this up,my team EF needing a few moved on and at least 6 added
  3. 4 portaloos for 900 fans,that’s a disgrace that there’s no proper toilets,that’s over 200 fans per pisser,good luck to the guys that empty that
  4. Just because the chairman’s on holiday doesn’t mean we can’t appoint a new manager
  5. I’m 50 50 between the 2,aggy might play again which may swing it
  6. Are yous gonna hurry up and appoint fox so we can get Crawford away to f …
  7. I agree the price is a joke,but you can buy a ticket at the office with cash before the game
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