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  1. Can you provide an example of your club having a cup final record just to compare?
  2. T Docherty is a great managerial appointment! I thought he retired years ago.
  3. Obviously! Part time to keep costs low. Wonder if we could tempt this guy?
  4. Ethan Erhahon had a great (half) season for us. He only just turned 22 in May and played his best football this year.
  5. I’m prefer to see Watt move on and we use the wages for a younger hungrier striker capable of 15 goals a season. Watt’s goal to game stats throughout his career are not very impressive. Seems like a popular guy around the squad but we desperately need a regular goal scorer.
  6. Nothing wrong with that. In fact science is saying there are lots of benefits in playing video games as you get older. https://blog.thegoodmangroup.com/best-video-games-for-seniors#:~:text=Playing even occasionally can help,multi-tasking ability for seniors.
  7. Lori Maddox allegations of being involved in sexual relationships with David Bowie, Jimmy Page, and Mick Jagger; these are relationships which would have occurred while she was underage and while the musicians were in their twenties, although her connections to Bowie and Jagger are disputed. Jimmy Page was 28 and Lori Mattix/Maddox was 13/14. She alleges David Bowie took her virginity. Bowie also seemed to have a thing for young things. Dodgy dodgy b*****ds. Allegedly.
  8. Hope you make a success of this. I have always done my own research and my starting point would be to go here initially for an idea of what mortgage offers are available. https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/mortgages/best-buys Do you provide a different approach/service/rates that would enable me to secure a better deal including any additional commission you would charge?
  9. Credit where it’s due. He started the season so well but seemed to fade away after the WC. Strain has been more of a standout and I expect we may receive offers for him in the summer. We made a bit of money off the back of Baccus at WC. Shame Strain never made the final cut as I think he would have performed well. He does seem to suffer regular issues with his groin though - perhaps he may need some treatment or rest. Two great finds. Hope we uncover some more like these two gems.
  10. I heard there was a special SMISA recognition award. But who did it go to and what for? Can’t see anything on Twitter or website.
  11. Really? When was this? I must have missed it.
  12. Or they might win 10-2. You just never know eh? Saying that it’s highly unlikely. I don’t think it’s ever happened before has it?
  13. Brutal at times dealing with the other “players” but a complete stand out today for Saints. Similar finishing characteristics as her auld man. Other main positive today is that Trevor Carson is signed up for another season. Phew…..
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