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  1. Could add some of the splits are to do with personality clashes and of course, money.
  2. Getting promotion is one thing, staying in the big league is another. Wonder if there's a few yoyo clubs starting to appear. Petershill and Cambuslang Rangers being two of them.
  3. Is Ghirl a spelling mistake or a clue to your big team? lol
  4. Fingers crossed Talbot can do it. Will save embarrassment all round.
  5. Must be about 7 teams at the top of the league all hoping they have a chance of grabbing a promotion spot.
  6. Kennie be honest, you were hostile to the pyramid from Day One. Tbf to you, that may have been the TJ party line you were spouting at the time. Leaving that aside. You either don't have the brains to see what problem is or you don't give a toss.
  7. Serious question How did anybody vote you on a committee?
  8. Kennie, if you can't figure that out then there's no hope
  9. The Wosfl will be laughed out the pyramid if an unlicensed club win the league.
  10. Just need to get things back on track before they go off the rails.
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