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  1. Doubt a lot of these knock outs can really be classed as giant killings. Organised part time clubs from a pyramid that has still to play out in the long run. If EK win it's hardly a massive shock.
  2. Plan C no problem but never in a month of Sundays should have the figure of 50+1 been mentioned. In a multi party election scenario that's an almost impossible figure to come up with. As Thatcher said all those years ago, get a majority of MPs.
  3. Did that include candidates that stood unopposed?
  4. Funnily enough i don't remember family members or workmates holding any particular view on Brexit. First time it got mentioned was the day after the Brexit vote.
  5. Has any party in living memory got 50 +1 % of the vote at a Westminster general election?
  6. Dunipace are one of the more intriguing clubs in Scottish football. Literally a few years back pre Covid, they playing out of two portacabins. Think there might have a brick building/dressing rooms that the local neds decided it was fun to torch. Think the ground was their 4th of 5th pitch over about 50 years. The pitch itself had a slope but not goal mouth to goal mouth but side to side. Think one corner flag spot was three feet higher than the other on the same byeline. Dunipace had originally been in the Stirlingshire Junior League and when that folded they went West to the Central League although really being in the Greater Falkirk area. My last memory of them was playing in the West Central Junior Leagues in front of 30 or 40 punters. You couldn't get much lower than that in the Junior football world. Vague hints about being on a waiting list for a plastic pitch and floodlights. Remember thinking, good luck lads you'll be waiting a long long time on that fairy tale. Maybe a season or two before the West Region of the Juniors woke up to the pyramid Dunipace slipped quietly away to the EoSFL. I don't think anyone in the West Region even said goodbye or even noticed they'd left. Well in the end Dunipace did get their plastic pitch and floodlights. And into the big Scottish Cup. So to Dunipace I'll say respect and good wishes. Fairy tales do sometimes come true.
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