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  1. Back to the 7th place seasons that we all moaned about before we were relegated. I'd take that right now the way our team looks when up against it.
  2. Transitioning to where or what? We lose a goal, we lose a game. What does that say about our management?
  3. You have to wonder just how awful big John has been in training when Connell is consistently playing ahead of him. A "striker" who's one skill is a long throw ffs
  4. Utter jobbies. We are set up like we did to play Dundee away ffs. Talbot happy to let us have the ball wide and cross it to... Lewis Vaughan. Big John is terrible but if he can't get a game here then he really is a total write off.
  5. Nah, better side won. We were an absolute rabble as soon as the equaliser went in, per the first bit of my post.
  6. Not at all, I think it was very kind of our players to score a couple for you as well.
  7. As soon as we concede we absolutely lose any structure and heads go down, whether its the first goal in a game or we've been in front. There are some shockers in the goals, the third probably the worst with Ross just giving up and Spencer following no-one. It is interesting to see QP doing so well with a handful of fans and a weird little tinpot newbuild stadium on the way. Probably unsustainable, but sure they are enjoying their days in the sun playing against the big boys.
  8. Easton maybe needs to think about maybe passing the ball now and again.
  9. Always nice to bring on a cheat when you're desperate.
  10. I'm sure the team appreciates your unwavering support
  11. Exactly what came to my mind after that chance. He lacks the sharpness that is needed even at our pish level. Can look an absolute baller when we are well on top, but hasn't shown that he can really dig us out.
  12. Probably just the fear of whatever that is that's living on Gillespie's dome.
  13. You one of the perma-ragers doing your nut over every throw in?
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