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  1. As a result, I think they gathered up every police horse in north east Scotland for the replay! To my young eyes, it looked like they bad declared martial law in Arbroath.
  2. Aye, waterlogged pitch down at Motherwell. It was a bit of a notorious game, given we had an abandoned game, the second attempt, then 3 (iirc) cancelled replays before it was eventually played. It was a good Motherwell team too, Andy Goram in goal, Billy Davies as manager, Ged Brannan, Townsley, Goodman, Lee McCulloch etc. I also mind that the game got abandoned but nobody told the fans, and it wasnt until they sidled out and took the corner flags away that we realised the game was off!
  3. Aye, remember back then, when we had 35 year old Colin McGlashan up front, supported by 39 year old Tommy Bryce, changed days. Now we play our ancient midfielder up front on his own.
  4. I watched most of the game with Fraserburgh's dismal pixellot stream, and I thought we looked atrocious for most of the game.
  5. Aye, same. Its not fair. If he'd been shite, it would be understandable, but he's barely had a chance.
  6. He did alright in the highland league last season. We are playing a highland league team today. How about Isiaka?
  7. Its not just Allan who has suffered with the lack of strikers. McKenna's whole game last season was ghosting about and being dangerous from deep, as the opposition defence was kept busy with marking the strikers. When he's expected to be the main man and is being double marked, we are not getting the best out of him.
  8. This can absolutely get in the sea. I can't believe they released that.
  9. I mind when we were promoted, Dick said that he had 4 strikers and 6 wingers, and only knew one way to play. This season he's learned a new way. 6 central midfielders.
  10. 1998 was my first world cup, but 2002 was the best one for me. Ronaldo's redemption, that Senegal team stunning everyone, Brazil's Ronaldo, Ronaldinho (and that free kick!), and Rivaldo strike force, South Korea getting way further than they had any right too, I just loved it all. I'd just left school too, and I didnt have a job yet, so I watched every single game.
  11. If we were trying hard and just being beaten by better teams, then fine. I could live with that. We were relegated with Sheerin a few years back, and the fans wanted him to stay. But its what we are seeing on the pitch that is the problem. It isnt a team out of form, and it isnt a poor team with the management doing their best. Everything that is happening on the pitch is a conscious choice of the management.
  12. Fosu has been decent, Shanks has scored a couple of goals, Allan has looked decent, Isiaka has actually looked alright in his few appearances, our loans have been decent loans.
  13. I would say the only real failure who has not looked up to the job has been Corfe.
  14. Unlike strikers, there are plenty of managers. I'd break the bank and get Petrie in. Long delayed retribution for Tommy Campbell and Greg Henslee.
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