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  1. What's with all this negativity Rovers fans? We're starting to get back to health, we're unbeaten in the last 7 games in all comps and it's....ah for f**k sake. Well, maybe we can get lucky and the game is called off to delay the inevitable Caley pumping we always get?
  2. Aye, if he had lobbed the keeper from 50 yards we'd all be on here moaning about it Give your head a shake man. If the big man holds onto the ball, Cove don't get down the other end of the pitch to have a chance to score. He is directly at fault for the equaliser by making a ridiculous decision to shoot from 50 yards in the 92nd minute when we are 2-1 up. I don't care if the shot was on or not, the risk was too high compared to the reward given the chance of success. It's another example of shite game management from the team and he will, rightfully, find himself sitting on the bench for the forseeable future as it was poor. Gutted for the big guy as I thought Wednesday might be a turning point for him here at Raith but all the good from Wednesday was undone by one moment of madness yesterday.
  3. This is what happens when you buy into your hype from a midweek cup game. Shooting from 50 yards. Fuckin unreal. However, we wasted so many chances before then to put the game out of sight. Ah f**k, what it is to be a Rovers fan eh?
  4. Instead of keeping the ball, Big Chopper goes for a 50 yard worldie. Cove immediately go down the other end, win a corner and equalise. f**k sake.
  5. A random combination of whatever isn't the combination I've picked
  6. No yet. Mitchell on for Easton with 10 mins left though. Suspect we will see the Big Chopper for Lewis at some point in the next 10 mins
  7. As he began to run to celebrate he stopped, turned 180 to run by a Cove player and get in his face so the ref booked him. Soft booking
  8. And here is the only ex Swiss youth International I can find at LASK...playing for LASK Amature https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/enrique-wild/profil/spieler/359079
  9. I'll agree that the phone option for this was pretty shite. It took 6 phone calls over 30 minutes before I got an answer that wasn't the answering machine to let me get my tickets on Wednesday. I will say though, tickets were in hand via post Thursday morning so kudos to the office staff for the speedy distribution of the tickets.
  10. 35k still to be repaid which they anticipate will be paid off within the next 3 years.
  11. He hasn't returned home. Looks like he had friends/family over to visit and they are heading home.
  12. 1) No issues with Edinburgh. The arrivals process is usually very smooth and i've never seen any issues with non EU nationals when arriving back from International destinations. 2) I'd recommend the Moxy over the Marriott but that is just personal preference. Either are solid options. 3) If you are going for the train you have Edin Gateway, Edin Haymarket and Waverley all available thanks to the Tram service that runs from the Airport terminal right into the city. They are usually every 8 or 9 minutes so never have to wait long. If you decide to go via Bus, get a East of Scotland Dayrider (£9.50 adult ticket for unlimited travel all day) and jump on the 747 from Edin Airport to Halbeath Park and Ride. From the Park and Ride you can easily get the X58, X60, X61 or X27 to Kirkcaldy and the wait is only usually 20 mins at most before one turns up. San Starko is a 10-15 minute walk from the Bus Station and getting back is just as easy. The 747 service runs until midnight I believe. If you decide to hire a car and drive, plenty parking options. Beveridge Park, Truck Stop on the Prom or one of the many streets around the stadium. Getting across the bridge from Edinburgh side isn't usually the issue, it's getting TO Edinburgh from Fife that is usually the issue in the daytime so you'll avoid that headache.
  13. "Rovers won 3-0 against a team above us in the league, i'll go check PnB, it can't possibly be ridiculous today." How I continually overestimate our fanbase These Jammer takes are almost, almost, as ridiculous 5ergate from during the week.
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