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  1. I definitely rate Reading but there’s no doubt he’s had a couple of iffy games. That said, I think Graham is a really clever striker and was looking to drop off a bit at cross balls to use his physical advantage against Reading. Fair play to Bullen who recognised that and put McGinty on, though ironically McCall Immediately subbed Graham - can only assume he was injured. Don’t get the criticism of Albinson - he’s barely put a foot wrong all season and made yet another outstanding save low to his left at 3-2.
  2. That was one of the most entertainingly shite games I’ve ever been to. I thought our first goal was an OG as well, but maybe it was some kind of optical illusion. The 2nd OG was just mental - under zero pressure and just bullets the header into the top corner. Lots to like about this Ayr team, but I do think we need to have a think about the formation - I thought Murdoch and Dempsey were excellent, but are being asked to cover too much ground.
  3. But, but, won’t that discourage Ayr fans from going to Parkhead to see Celtic? Or something…
  4. 2 poor defences by the looks of it. This could be anything.
  5. Not sure if we could change the shape of the midfield a bit and play Mullen as an attacking midfielder in front of Dempsey and Murdoch. I’m presuming Bangala is an absolute dud as Bullen seems to have zero interest in playing him. The 2nd half felt like the Inverness game with us running out of ideas and playing too many direct balls up to Dipo.
  6. Not sure. The clubs by and large try to maintain good relations with each other, so the away team may feel put in a position if the home team requests an early kick off. A recent example was the Queens Park game being shifted to a Friday night which I’m sure Ayr grudgingly agreed to - it certainly didn’t suit the Ayr support. I guess the issue for the away team is whether it upsets their pre-match routine too much which I suppose depends on the travelling involved. An early kick off at Inverness would mean an overnight stay in a hotel which central belt teams aren’t very likely to agree to.
  7. Presumably this will be led by the home team requesting the change or not. I took the statement to mean that Ayr had no plans to try and shift our own matches, but I’m less clear what our position would be if we’re away from home and a request is made.
  8. Struggling to see that. Outside of the goal, we created virtually nothing.
  9. Too many early balls up to Dipo. Basically missing out our own midfield which is nuts when you have players like Chalmers who are good on the ball. We really need to use the ball better - you can’t go away from home and constantly give the ball away like that.
  10. Houston losing possession at both goals. We really need to upgrade that position in January if we can.
  11. Didn’t Shankland do it when he scored 4 at Tannadice?
  12. Are the club using a hand held camera to film those highlights??
  13. We need the 2 wide men to contribute more in the attacking third. Unfortunately, for all his work rate, that just isn’t Ashford. He rarely beats a man or puts in a cross and just never looks like scoring. That said, Bullen clearly likes a workhorse so starting Mullen and Chalmers might be too much for him. Beginning to think Bangala must be a complete turkey as he never seems to feature.
  14. The fact that clubs are even floating the idea tells you how big the issues are around cost. Might be worth a trial weekend to see how it impacts attendances. If football was starting with a blank piece of paper, I doubt we’d be kicking off at 3pm in the dead of winter.
  15. Feels incredibly harsh to criticise McKenzie and Ashford given their work rate, but we can’t continue to ignore how ineffective they are in the attacking third. Young is surely due a start, and I would definitely like to see Kirk restored to the defence. I was assuming we might change the shape to accommodate Bangala, but maybe he isn’t showing up well in training.
  16. Kirk has really impressed me and as a young player will surely only get better with games. He and Musonda were developing a decent partnership so really don’t get why we suddenly changed it. McGinty seems to have developed a bit of a cult status, but I’m not sure why. He’ll do as backup but that’s it. The jury is still out on Houston but he does seem to have re-found some confidence of late, so like Kirk I just don’t see what the thinking was in dropping him. You kind of new yesterday was coming after Bullen won manager of the month award, but we certainly didn’t help ourselves.
  17. Not sure I get the laugh if I’m honest. Tomorrow’s postponement will cost us a fortune too.
  18. Kilmarnock’s tweet certainly reads a bit salty - doesn’t sound like the clubs were consulted which would be incredible given the loss of revenues involved. 3500-4000 wasn’t impossible for Ayr tomorrow with a big Partick support likely. A rearranged midweek game could be half that.
  19. One outcome? Not if you have a brain or a backbone…
  20. Gutless decision from our decision makers. No doubt running scared of sycophants like Murdo Fraser and Douglas Ross. I see the St Leger has been cancelled…and rescheduled for Sunday. What’s the point of that?
  21. Your point about Sportsound struck a chord. Is it just me or are they largely ignoring the lower leagues on a Saturday afternoon these days? I got in the car about 5 after the game at the weekend and I don’t think I heard a single after match interview or even comment about any of the games. The replacement for Richard Gordon is dismal - all he seems to do is shout and bark like he’s hosting a midweek phone in on Radio Clyde.
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