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  1. We just don’t use the ball well enough, whatever the level of opposition. If Chalmers gets fed up and chucks it, we could really be in a bit of bother as there is zero goal threat coming from anywhere else.
  2. Paavola definitely scored a couple of goals, against Dumbarton I think. We teamed him up with the legendary Danny Diver for a couple of games. He did look good, was a pity he never signed permanently.
  3. They were both signed by Dalziel, as was Paavola (who did look decent in a couple of trial games before deciding against moving to Scotland. Nylen only played 1 or 2 games for us then disappeared again.
  4. I’m having flashbacks to the Simon Stainrod era when we enjoyed a cavalcade of agent recommended and completely useless foreign signings. Apart from Frank Rolling obviously, he was class.
  5. A decent cup run might be what we need to finance a couple of signings in January. Playing such a weakened team against a team that were good enough to take 4 off Annan would be a reckless gamble.
  6. If Musonda is out for any length of time, then we really are screwed. I guess we’ll just have to limp to the transfer window and look for a replacement, but the damage that is likely to be done in the meantime could be pretty fatal. McAllister and McGinty at centre back seems like the only option. David Hopkin’s legacy still haunting us.
  7. That’s it exactly. Murdoch and Dempsey work incredibly hard and cover an incredible amount of ground. Doing the dirty work isn’t an issue for us. But neither of them are particularly comfortable on the ball or pass the ball well. We desperately need a Mark Kerr type who can bring a bit more quality, experience and intelligence to our midfield. The tactic of going early and direct to Dipo is pretty tiresome at times and certainly doesn’t help to bring the midfield into the game - O’Connor and Mullin didn’t get a kick in the first half. Dare I say it, but Robbie Crawford would have helped us control possession a bit more, but I guess we’d already gambled a contract on Bangala, who is obviously an absolute dud.
  8. Can only cross our fingers that Kirk isn’t badly hurt, but obviously a concern to see him stretchered off. We simply cannot persist with McGinty though. For a player of his alleged experience, his positional indiscipline is ridiculous.
  9. We needed to sign a centre back anyway as we cannot rely on McGinty, but Kirk getting stretchered off is a boot in the knackers.
  10. Not sure who screwed up at the goal, but half assuming it was McGinty. Can’t deny the progress that we’ve made under Bullen, but the massive Achilles heel is our total inability to control the ball in the midfield. Our only real tactic is the early ball up to Dipo. I really hope that Bullen can evolve his thinking from the next transfer window onwards - he seems to value work rate above anything else in a player, which seems to explain why he persists with Ashford, despite his obvious limitations. Not a huge McKenzie fan, but if we’re just going to punt long balls, he would be our best option. I suppose Bryden is back involved again, but he is still very inexperienced.
  11. Still looks like a pretty strong Inverness team, but maybe their fans would disagree.
  12. Assume 95% of what you read on pie and bovril is bullshit. You won’t go far wrong.
  13. I’d honestly be surprised if anyone was willing to pay 250k+ for a championship striker, which is what would be required to pry him away. Even Shankland didn’t attract serious bids when he was at Ayr.
  14. McAllister down with cramp again after an hour?? Is he not training during the week or something?
  15. McGinty has a roast potato where his brain should be.
  16. Are you facing the pitch/TV? We’ve been awful.
  17. No idea how we’re winning this. Bullen needs to change this at half time.
  18. Lots to like about this Ayr team, but our use of the ball is absolutely diabolical. No idea what Paul Smith is being asked to do.
  19. Always felt sorry for Robert Connor. Did his level best for the club at a time when we were basically reduced to paying mediocre juniors travelling expenses to help us make up a team. Probably deserves credit for keeping us in League 1.
  20. Does anyone have the faintest idea what the deal was with the fat weirdo dancing about in his boxer shorts?
  21. A fair result in the end, but still can’t believe we didn’t get that penalty.
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