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  1. Kirk has really impressed me and as a young player will surely only get better with games. He and Musonda were developing a decent partnership so really don’t get why we suddenly changed it. McGinty seems to have developed a bit of a cult status, but I’m not sure why. He’ll do as backup but that’s it. The jury is still out on Houston but he does seem to have re-found some confidence of late, so like Kirk I just don’t see what the thinking was in dropping him. You kind of new yesterday was coming after Bullen won manager of the month award, but we certainly didn’t help ourselves.
  2. Not sure I get the laugh if I’m honest. Tomorrow’s postponement will cost us a fortune too.
  3. Kilmarnock’s tweet certainly reads a bit salty - doesn’t sound like the clubs were consulted which would be incredible given the loss of revenues involved. 3500-4000 wasn’t impossible for Ayr tomorrow with a big Partick support likely. A rearranged midweek game could be half that.
  4. One outcome? Not if you have a brain or a backbone…
  5. Gutless decision from our decision makers. No doubt running scared of sycophants like Murdo Fraser and Douglas Ross. I see the St Leger has been cancelled…and rescheduled for Sunday. What’s the point of that?
  6. Your point about Sportsound struck a chord. Is it just me or are they largely ignoring the lower leagues on a Saturday afternoon these days? I got in the car about 5 after the game at the weekend and I don’t think I heard a single after match interview or even comment about any of the games. The replacement for Richard Gordon is dismal - all he seems to do is shout and bark like he’s hosting a midweek phone in on Radio Clyde.
  7. We weren’t miles better, but we were better than Morton in every area of the park. More quality and cutting edge up front, more resilient defensively and more hardworking and competitive in the middle of the park. Hard to believe you guys freed Andy Murdoch - I wouldn’t swap him for any midfielder in the division, Morton were well organised and will cause teams bother at long throws and set pieces, but otherwise looked very limited.
  8. I don’t wish to labour the point, but why on earth did you guys free Musonda? He’s absolutely immense.
  9. Hence the reason I said it was clearly an excuse and not remotely a justification for the shambolic ticketing arrangements.. Telling the paying customer that you can pay 22 quid up front for a covered seat in the stand but might end up standing in the rain is pretty abysmal. I’m still not clear whether there really is a genuine pay at the gate option. I get that fans will always jump to defend their own club from criticism, but sometimes you have to consider whether the “moaners” might have a point.
  10. You stated that it has been Morton’s policy for 20 years to use the main stand for away fans with the WDE used on the day as an overflow if needed. You stated that if a large away support is expected then the club decides in advance to use the WDE. I know this isn’t the case given I stood in the cowshed as recently as 2018.
  11. The pitch invasion thing is clearly just an excuse. Morton are just penny pinching on stewarding. Rather than make proper provision for away fans in advance, their attitude seems to be that they’ll open the WDE if they have to, and if that means fans paying 22 quid to stand in the rain then so be it. The attitude of clubs towards the paying fan beggars belief at times - some of the photos from FC Edinburgh’s “stadium” are hysterical (in a bad way). The uncertainty over where you’ll actually find yourself watching on match day coupled with the obtuse ticketing arrangements is just putting people off even going, especially when you can easily watch the game in the house on a dodgy stream.
  12. That’s not true. The Ayr fans were in the cowshed as recently as 2018 - it was the 5-1 game when Shankland was running riot. Coincidentally a period when Ayr were doing well and so brought a healthy away support. And no, I didn’t see a jot of crowd trouble that day.
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