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  1. I’m pretty sure Conway signed under freedom of contract so not sure in what sense we let him sign for Dundee Utd. The truth is Ayr were the victim of a system rigged against smaller clubs.
  2. I think the club were annoyed that we didn’t get the chance to make him an offer, but the suggestion that he promised to sign is likely the story growing arms and legs.
  3. The issue with Cammy Smith is that you need to play him as a No 10 and build the rest of the team around that. Are we prepared to do that? Is he good enough? Possibly yes given his time at St Mirren, but we’d likely end up making the same mistake as last time and play him out wide.
  4. Should be noted that Ayr wouldn’t exist without Cameron’s generosity. Fans always want more from their ownership, but he did put a small fortune into the club and wrote it off to facilitate the sale to Dave Smith. He’d made it clear for years that he wanted to sell up and a less concerned owner could have sold us down the river to some carpetbagger (Murray selling Rangers to Whyte for a quid comes to mind), but he held on for years until he found someone he was sure would look after the club and take it forward. Blaming him for Kilmarnock’s unscrupulous behaviour or being screwed over by a transfer tribunal for Conway seems pretty harsh.
  5. Where did all the money go under the previous regime? I haven’t had the impression in recent years that Partick were spending crazy money on their first team and the stadium upgrades were done years ago.
  6. As much as I like Docherty, I think he might be a little one paced for the premier league. Championship is probably his level, but certainly don’t grudge him a swing at the top division.
  7. Not sure how serious the financial problems are at Partick, but the fan statement makes it sound pretty bad. Looks like they could lose a few out of contract players - might be in a minority, but I’d happily take Ross Docherty back. Sounds like there might be premier league teams interested in him which surprises me a little, but if the opportunity is there, we ought to be looking at it.
  8. Hope it works out for Houston. I’m really not sure if he flattered to deceive in his first season in a much better Ayr side than he played in at any point subsequently, or if all his injury problems did take something out of him. A fresh start seems like the right thing.
  9. Just catching up on the Paul Shepherd story. Proper Nutter. I seem to remember him as a pretty mild mannered player!
  10. Are we seriously still deluding ourselves that Partick’s “dark arts” had any bearing on the 8-0 aggregate defeat? We were 2nd best everywhere on the park and in the dugout too.
  11. Partick players just suddenly looked out on their feet after the penalty. I’ve no real axe to grind with Partick - it’s not their fault we were so abject in the playoffs - but Ross County is a dead loss as an away day, so glad Partick are staying down.
  12. I’ve no love for the Highland Gretna, but that was pretty funny.
  13. Is there any such thing as consolidation in the Championship? You’re either challenging for promotion or fighting relegation. I’d honestly be shocked if we signed Andy Ryan. League 1 standard at best but got signed by Accies because they had no players and no money.
  14. What’s this modern thing where people ask a question, then add the word “no”? But yes, will be the 2nd time he’s been promoted to the premiership.
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