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  1. I don’t think we’ve played well since Ayr at start of Feb. For me the performance decline started at Raith a fortnight after that. 6 cup finals to come. It’s still in our hands, but we seem to be short of ideas.
  2. Was waiting to see how tonight’s result turned out, Dundee had to win to reignite their charge. Feels important to note that whilst I cannot call which way this title goes, I have loved this season so far, and even if we end up 2nd, it’s been an immensely brilliant season. Do I want us to win it? 100% of course I do. We’ve had some superb results on the road, going to places without much expectation and trouncing teams, especially the first visit to Firhill. I had an optimistic feeling we may be 4th or 5th heading into the final quarter of games, hoping for a tilt at the playoffs, but here we are, leading the pack as we near the end. I trust Owen and this team to give it their all and that starts on Friday at Abroath.
  3. Hello both teams, please can I request that you play out a 0-0 draw. Kindly Yours, a humble Spiders fan 🕷
  4. Queens and Dundee drew 2-2 back in October in the league. I’ll admit Dundee have had our number this season, but we didn’t lose all 4 games.
  5. Does anyone know why Eze’s goal was ruled out?
  6. Me too, 5 of our next 7 are at ‘home’ and I think we can really build momentum again. We have averaged 1.87 points per game this season so far. That carries on we end on 67 points, same as title winning Killie last year.
  7. I read this and knew I’d seen more than 1 league defeat at Stennie. I make our record there 6 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses (Ayr and Morton). But, much to my point earlier. I would not wish to change to Lesser for our last 2 crucial home games.
  8. Having Fox next to him helps. Kilday and Eze together was tough tough viewing.
  9. Completely agree. The team have put in some great performances at Ochilview, just stay there. I can see us playing at Lesser if we make the playoffs though.
  10. So either by Hamilton 15/04 or the potential title decide against Dundee 05/05? Can’t see it myself, but who knows.
  11. My quick overview of squad depth following the close of the window. My feelings are that we have enough people, but our depth in some areas is left wanting. Those with * notes the more versatile players in the squad. also, does anyone know what is going on with Lewis Moore?
  12. I’m not sure if it’s to do with how invested he was in the club. It’s a reality of the game that players move on and money isn’t huge at our level and perhaps beyond. I feel players have to make calls on what’s right for them, and I guess he feels this is right. I agree with how he hadn’t been setting the world alight for us, but we still kept him on. I guess those in the club felt a player was in there. And I’d much rather the player moves on for cash. I think he can also move to test himself, better himself and ultimately earn more money playing football whilst he still can. All of what I’m suggesting could be accurate or not but that doesn’t detract from how frustrating it is to lose him now and how sad it is to think we’ve lost our captain, who was scoring for fun this year. But surely our club buys/signs players with the hope that we can profit from them down the line. We are a step for players to progress in Scotland. Surely every club in Scotland is just a step on the way to a player wishing to join the ‘Big 2’? Anyway, we create a lot, Dens Park game aside, and I think Henderson and Shields will get plenty of chances to score. It’s not over yet.
  13. He will always be fondly remembered by me. The playoffs were such great memories and he was, as you suggest, integral to that promotion. A player we will speak of in years to come. This season he’s played well and lead us well too. But he was never in our long term plans and we are kidding ourselves if we don’t accept that for many players we are a step for their own aspirations. Plus the fee, although undisclosed, is surely of the model we as a club wish to adopt. Make profit on players after improving and developing them.
  14. Hmmm, our third kit is almost here. Looks, hmmm, interesting.
  15. This club needs an actual fan to start writing these updates. Someone who can read it and say… ‘you know what, that’s all a load of shite, tell the truth and stop treating your loyal fan base like customers and idiots’
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