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  1. Easy for The Count. Was that Dutson lad one of these Speedy qualifiers? He was rotten either way.
  2. Why do people debate anything with Supras ? Thread after thread ruined by people taking his bait. The man would argue black is white.
  3. Not watched much of the PL this year but saw some of Anderson's match tonight and it was baffling. What the f**k is up with this guy ? Is it all down to the death of his father or is there more to it ? Shame to see him embarrassing himself on tv. We all know he is miles better than that.
  4. Superb match. Was that the same fucking sport as Anderson and Painter were attempting earlier in the evening ??
  5. Other than the Premier League and the Grand Slam he's done f**k all on TV since losing to Lewis at the Ally Pally. Game is a shambles.
  6. That was fucking brutal from Anderson. Never seen him play so badly on TV. Aye, he always misses doubles but you can usually rely on big scores. Tonight he couldn't hit a treble or a double. Pathetic. What the f**k is up with him ??
  7. In their previous home series the Aussies drew with NZ. They have followed this up with 3 innings victories against India. Latest match lasted less than 3 days. Australia may be improving but the Indian performances have defied belief.
  8. In a repeat of the 2008 world final, the Somerset third seed failed for the first time to reach the final as the unseeded East European played mind games to topple the Golden Girl. Arrogance and self confidence exuded from the Russian but Gulliver let her darts do the talking, as took the opening leg against the throw after Dobromyslova missed 10 doubles. A maximum steered the Golden Girl to the next, the snarling black-shirted Russian taking the third on double 12 and in the fourth she set the pace, levelling the match on double 12 and turning to salute the crowd, the Somerset player bemused by her opponent’s behaviour. Dobromyslova, clearly slowing the game and playing the crowd, missed double 18 for a set-winning double 18 and a further three for the same double but it was catching - Gulliver missing bull for 81 to steal the set. The Russian made no mistake on her return to the oche, nailing double 18. The unseeded player – who beat Gulliver in the 2008 world championship seemed to grow in confidence with her mind games over the tense nine times world champ, who fluffed darts for doubles in the opening leg of the second as the Russian exited on 56. Gulliver was first to the double in the next leg but missed double five for 95, Dobromyslova missing bull for 121. The Golden Girl missed a further two chances as the underdog clinched her favourite double 12 to move within a leg of victory. Again in the third, the player from Cheddar requiring 105 saw her form desert her as she hit 92, opening the door for Dobromyslova to move into her second final with a match-winning 50. Can only imagine that was written by Gulliver or her agent. Mind Games ? Darts is built on mind games ? Are you not allowed to milk the crowd after hitting a big double ? Strange place the BDO.
  9. Still think Tony Green sounds like the patronising cnut he was on Bullseye. Too many "Ooh unlucky" type comments when some chump throws 26.
  10. India all out for 161 in the first innings of the latest test match with Australia. Yes, India are historically weak away from home but they are taking this to new levels. Making a poor Australia team look like world beaters. Duncan Fletcher may be seeking alternative employment before too long.
  11. Didn't see match (get it back on the BBC !) but seems to have been an exciting match. Glad to see Ted win but in a way disappointed to see the much hyped Scott Waites lose to a bloke who averaged 85. Do people expect more of Waites because of the GS win ? Is Waites the new Anderson ? Either way he needs to move to the PDC before it's too late. Ted too.
  12. Is the Darts only on ESPN ? Seems a strange decision. Hardly going to get much interest from the casual viewer. I've got all the Sky Sports channels but not paying even more for ESPN. Kind of sums the BDO up. Sell out to a channel nobody watches.
  13. Mitchell needs to up his game. Poor match so far. No wonder Adams wins here all the time if this is the standard of the opposition.
  14. No love for the Lakeside ?
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