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  1. Does this Da' patter never get old? "No fans" "Tractors" As for the fans turning up. As usual there's a relatively decent number sold. Despite Dundee Uniteds wild pricing and lack of trains.
  2. Zero trains between Perth & Dundee don't help tomorrow 🫤
  3. While I cannot claim to know a single thing about tv, how the deals are done, what it entails etc but I've seen loads "put it to tender" stuff on the internet, like it's as simple as that. I'm sure they've had off the record type chats with other potential broadcasters and found out they're not interested or not going to be remotely in same ball park. Hence this deal or no deal position. The one issue I can see why people are challenging is the aspect of the deal that doesn't allow clubs to stream games that Sky aren't interested in showing anyway. Seems a step to far? It's takes like that... What are they going to do? Put it to a fans fucking vote? The football clubs are businesses owned by private individuals.
  4. All the Hibs fans keep doing is proving the point. You couldn't help it. No one is taking the piss. They're pointing out things about his behavior, character or general arrogant attitude that he has (which I know for a fact isn't wrong). Criticism isn't taking the piss. Last time I posted a very valid and fair point about him and within 30 seconds I had 4-5 replies from Hibs fans having a meltdown. Which means there's people out there searching his name on Twitter so they can reply to people defending him and you're telling me that's not fucking weird?
  5. Just don't mention him on Twitter. The Hibs fans come running to abuse you in his honor. Despite what being said about him being factually correct at times, no matter what it is. They cannot accept him being criticised in any way.
  6. Those people probably don't want to live in the Country. They are very close together though. Up the back they're semi detached but only a garden gate entry width apart 🫤
  7. It gives me the rage. Football being changed for the benefit of the fucking referees!!! They still make a pigs ear of it as well!
  8. Any pub recommendations for a few afternoon beers Saturday? Not bothering with any prebooked stuff. Got a few mates attending who're breaking their Scotland game virginity. One certainly off the back of the Euros excitement! He's not that into club football but now invested in Scotland!
  9. McGowan and Considine are also wearing matching t shirts with their initials embroided onto them. Homeless Murray in the background also.
  10. I don't know what's worse. The fact that they're going on tv to defend to monarchy or the fact that Scottish electorate are so pro monarchy even the SNP see supporting the monarchy as a vote winner.
  11. She also did a good job looking after all those jewels previously stolen from the other countries.
  12. Just wait till it's still going on at grounds the weekend after the international break. All the clubs who didn't have a home game this weekend will be doing a gesture when their next home game comes around
  13. They're so non political they've managed to influence hundreds of UK laws to make themselves exempt including Money Laundering, Data Protection and Equality related laws. Impressive.
  14. Miller Homes have approved plans to build all the way up to the Loch edge basically and they haven't and won't be build a single one of the affordable houses. Springfield are building the "affordables"
  15. Half or Bertha Park is affordable housing btw. I also can't see the "next phase" of housing towards the loch etc ever happening. They're struggling to sell the houses they've got at the moment. Saints did a marketing campaign to the area when it first started. They haven't since. Could there be an opportunity for another?
  16. Few hours. It'll be all over. Until we need to go through another weekend of silences this weekend etc again. No doubt there will be another shit show minutes silence, applause etc shambles at the Scotland games as well
  17. Saints unfortunately will very very likely be giving them North, Ormond & corner of Main. Especially as the Ormond is closed to home fans all season.
  18. His distribution was honking yesterday. Multiple times under no pressure whatsoever he just shelled it up the park. In the second half he was the main culprit of it turning into a head tennis mess.
  19. Liam Gordon, defends fine generally but why when the ball ends up at his feet does it end up shelled forward as directly as possible? 🫤
  20. He was there today. The same time I seen Carey was injured Phillips was with him. Phillips wasn't limping though like Carey was.
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