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  1. Interestingly no one employed by the club could point out it wasn't allowed though but the "moaners" on the forums knew fine well it wasn't. I get the impression it wasn't the SPFL either and was actually Celtic as the SLO from Celtic had posted Celtic reached out to Saints for an explanation. Day later... Prices increased.
  2. My phone does it automatically but the site is blocking me from pasting it and it's to long to screenshot
  3. Micheal Devlin now training with Hibs. Might explain why he didn't end up doing that deal with Saints?
  4. What he would have done instead was if we conceded he'd then make 2-3 at once and all that does is send out the message of "panic" to the players
  5. My accounts private so replying would be pointless. It's okay though, I was still right.
  6. Delusion. Motherwell commited 50% more fouls. Only team to receive a booking was Motherwell. Football fans often see something different from reality. Motherwell couldn't get near Phillips & MacPherson. Strolled it.
  7. Midfielders in midfield. Worked a charm. It free'd Hallberg to get forward and MacPherson & Phillips completely dominant. Strolled it.
  8. Absolute state of the Motherwell fans about that handball that wasn't near his hand
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