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  1. Frustrating end to the match for Murray today. Tough couple of matches this week but competed well overall. Not sure how well those cramps bode for the upcoming slam and playing more sets but hopefully fine. Raducanu taking that first set 6-0 and inside twenty seven minutes. US Open just around the corner again...
  2. Absolutely tremendous final season and genuinely gutted that's the series over. Have really enjoyed the weekly release of episodes too and the buildup to each one being aired. Odenkirk excellent as usual but, as others have said, Seehorn really stole the show. Have never really re-watched tv series but very tempted to start over on BB now!
  3. Murray takes the first set. Huge hold facing two break points at 5-5. Just an absolute pleasure to still be watching these two though, and especially seeing them play against each other.
  4. Excellent viewing that. Can they play each other every Saturday night? Sinner v Alcaraz looking like the pick of the bunch from tomorrow's matches.
  5. Frustratingly clinical stuff by Isner last night. No complaints he deserved that. Thought at the end of third we might have been in for one of those nights, but the break in the fourth felt very ominous. Really classy post-match from Isner too to be fair to him. GBs Boulter on centre today against Pliskova. Kyrgios v Krajinovic over on Court 2 could be worth a watch, both men having played five sets in R1.
  6. Top Gun: Maverick. Loved it. Echo everything that's been getting said. Very glad I caught it in the cinema. 8.5/10 Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Meh. I generally quite like the Marvel films, but I struggled with this. Don't mind Dr Strange as a character in the other films, but I haven't been able to take to those which are centred purely around his story. Bonus point for Jim Halpert showing up. 5/10 The Black Phone. Been looking forward to this for a while and really enjoyed it. Great performances from Ethan Hawke and the two main young actors. 7.5/10
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