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  1. Again not reliable but seen people say we’ve have sold 1700+
  2. Ayr United Queen’s Park Bottling the league. at least we can say we bottled it more
  3. Did anyone else see mclear tell the fans to shut up last night
  4. Interesting way of saying he’s rubbish. The boy has 1 more goal than ashford who hates a lot of hate on here but mark gets all the praises?? If ashford was given a new contract there would be uproar. I’m not saying ashford is good but resigning someone who 3 goals this season shows no ambition.
  5. Pish brings nowt to the team we are better going out and finding a new striker
  6. Don’t see him staying even if we offer him a contract
  7. Hopefully we sell them or just terminate their contracts waste of a wage and jersey
  8. I’m sure all but ashford are out of contract at the end of the season
  9. Got beat of dundee three times, beat of partick twice so far. If we make the playoffs we are fucked
  10. Absolutely 0 confidence in this squad negative football as per it was lucky to be only 2-1 with the amount of sitters ICT missed. Can see us being beat by Morton and Falkirk tbh
  11. Quite a few times but he just went backwards to mcginty or Kirk for the glorious hoofball
  12. What did JML offer at all today? Mullin was poor today but at least he’s shown quality over the past few weeks. Whenever we playd down JMLs wing he either goes backwards or gets muscled off the ball. His Time is up.
  13. Few weeks ago I was crucified for saying that JML was rank rotten. He’s still rank rotten. Get him gone O’Connor needs to play ahead of him from Now.
  14. Whenever he had the ball anywhere near him he shat it and didn’t have a clue what to do with it. Fair enough he had a shot at goal but he wasn’t exactly causing any problems. Need to put 2 up front for partick
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