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  1. Natural order of our fine city has been restored. Enjoy the seaside league
  2. If we wanted Imrie he’d leave your nothing club instantly, don’t get it twisted Jives
  3. Please god no former players with little/no managerial experience
  4. Strachan not being mentioned definitely tells a story, imo. Honestly I canna believe the mess of this whole thing, only Dundee can have you feeling how we felt at the weekend to how we feel now.
  5. Just keep us in the Championship section I'd say, we'll be back there soon enough anyway.
  6. This reeks of us having the worst season in SPL history after Callum Davidson signs Ciftci and Nicky Clark on 3 year deals
  7. Genuinely wouldn't be surprised if this is true
  8. I genuinely fucking detest that c**t Nelms
  9. Yep, its unforgivable if it's true that they want rid of Bowyer cos finally a manager is standing up to them. Don't think he's the best manager ever but certainly seems the most competent out of everyone we've had under FPS (maybe Hartley's first season in the top flight excluded) and I'm keen to see what squad he can assemble with his contacts in England etc. If he does leave I have 0 faith in them appointing someone good.
  10. Agree. Im fucking bored of hearing of the Ross's, Wright's and Mcghee's of this world. Give me the ex manager of Accrington Stanley or something and make it a bit more exciting please Nelms.
  11. Ended up with a ticket my friend just before the game so happy days. Lot of respect to the Queens Park fan especially the c***s i spoke too, too easy to support one of the old firm being from Weegieland. Hopefully yous do well in the playoffs
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