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  1. Definitely no secret agent I've never received any of this info from board members past or present. There are others in and about the club you know. People can take it as they see it and can either be concerned or not that's entirely up to them. I just wish we could get a club where we weren't constantly discussing board room issues and people leaving/resigning. Things appear to be looking up a bit on the park I just hope they won't be derailed by issues off it. I think picking the correct next fss rep is going to be crucial though. Question is given the turnover of reps will we have a decent choice?
  2. Should it not be renamed the league one club as well?
  3. The 'perceived' issue is that the bod has a voting clique which has been created and is preventing the fss director from having any influence or say in matters. This perhaps wouldn't be such a great issue if the club had been on a sound financial footing but that is far from the case and the voting clique has just seen the guy on the bod tasked with sorting this financial mess out resign. Now if the guy in charge of finances is being ignored it doesn't bode well in my opinion and the appointment of an independent chairman would hopefully improve things in the short term.
  4. Zbairn highlighted the issue perfectly a few pages back.
  5. Where did I say anyone was doing nothing? I've no doubt they are all putting in a lot of work it's who decides what they are working on that's the issue here. If you're a member of fss you want your group to have real influence and not to be seen as just some monthly fund provider of extra dough.
  6. More likely to get him perhaps even after the transfer window has shut but the loan market is still open. If he hasn't had much game time they may let him go elsewhere even though neilson has so far stated he isn't going anywhere.
  7. Of course anyone can come on and read it themselves but it's a bit different when you've been given the job of doing it specifically.
  8. I'm sure some people would love to say more about a number of things but there's at least one poster on here that will just report back to the board everything that's been said in the same way they've been doing for a while now. .
  9. We have 400 oddfans though paying in upwards of a tenner month which is a decent amount of cash for the club. That allows us to vote on two reps to give us influence in the way the club is run and the decision making process. Now running the club via consensus is fine as long as you don't end up in the situation mentioned earlier where a voting clique occurs and some directors are then sidelined and the fss ends up having little or no influence at all and the club is simply treating it as a means of extra funds every month. Let's not forget that the club is still teetering on the brink of going bust and we've just lost the guy trying to fix that side of things. If your not concerned then you really should be.
  10. Major coverup that. How can telling us what happened add to the speculation for god's sake?What's the point in having a fans organisation of they wont tell you anything. What next? The clubs going bust but with respect to the board we didn't tell anyone. Feck me.
  11. I think you've got it spot on mate unfortunately.
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