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  1. Was at Saltcoats today. Kello scored two really good goals and made the most of a keeper error for a third. Saltcoats looked good going forward in the first half but missed a few good chances.
  2. Running still going well. Quick question though, has anyone ran the Richmond marathon in London. What’s it like?
  3. Cheers for the highlights. Saltcoats looked quite good going forward in that video but needs work at the back.
  4. Did 16 miles last night. My longest run so far. Averaged around 10:50 a mile for a marathon pace, felt good
  5. That’s a fair assessment I think. Was at your ground towards the end of last season and it was good I felt, the hospitality but at the bottom was well laid out and the main stand was a fair size, mind you it was sunny so we were all spread out. The area beside the railway end looks like it needs some work, is that in the pipeline?
  6. Sorts that out then A closer look at the second picture would have saved me saying that.
  7. Ah sorry I got that one wrong. Cheers for clearing it up
  8. I get that there needs to be a transparent system but my, limited, reading of it was that the only reason RobRoy left was promises of a new council built premises?
  9. Seems a good deal, Jura is usually about 28 in the supermarkets for the 70cl
  10. Surely that should be the other way round??
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