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  1. Good luck for tomorrow, won’t be able to make it sadly but will hopefully get down for the next round.
  2. That’s good, looked like a good squad when I saw them last season. You manage to keep the young boy who was seen as a good prospect…number 16 I think?
  3. Yeah the park looked amazing. New sprinkler system looked good as well
  4. Cambuslang looked good in the first half and up to the goal. Suppose top teams don’t always play well but get the job done. Was distracted by Cambuslangs kit, looked like the rangers kits you would have gotten in Spain in the 90’s!
  5. Have you guys managed to keep the same squad as last season? Saw you at the end of the year last season and you looked a good team, hopefully kick on now and do ok
  6. Took his goal well but don’t think tonight was his night I terms of hold up play or the fact that I think playing in behind Darvel is a way to get some joy against them, that’s obv not his game.
  7. One was definitely offside as I was standing in line with it but honestly couldn’t see the other. He let one go in the first half where two Buffs players where offside but the chance didn’t come to anything. Thought the first half was alright with neither team being a stand out but you are right in that the second half was much more one sided towards Darvel. Kilwinning seemed to play it up to the number 10 who wasn’t up to much, I kinda feel a quick striker and a ball over the top would cause your defence a lot more problems. Kilwinning did this the the end of season game last year and caused a lot more problems. By the end the ref could have blown at 75-80 mins as the game was over as a contest.
  8. Due to current health- decaf, any good recommendations would be greatly appreciated as not having a good coffee at present is killing my soul.
  9. Worst case the town will have cracking facilities that the council can use. Obv no one wants to see a team go out the game.
  10. Was at Saltcoats today. Kello scored two really good goals and made the most of a keeper error for a third. Saltcoats looked good going forward in the first half but missed a few good chances.
  11. Running still going well. Quick question though, has anyone ran the Richmond marathon in London. What’s it like?
  12. Cheers for the highlights. Saltcoats looked quite good going forward in that video but needs work at the back.
  13. Did 16 miles last night. My longest run so far. Averaged around 10:50 a mile for a marathon pace, felt good
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