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  1. Just a far better education to be had in Bo’ness.
  2. Please check your grammar before posting pal.
  3. Bo’ness United have never had much money.The only good times we have enjoyed i the last forty years of our history have been when we have had decent coaches. Firstly Lenny Reid then Brian Fairley,Davie Baikie and Allan Macgonigal.So sourcing the correct man for the job is critical not just an easy and convenient appointment which this is. What is the rush anyway?We have nothing to play for this season and three months before a new campaign start's. Good luck Mr Little anyway.
  4. Sounds like you have more inside knowledge of Ian Little than me Jambo.You would have to say though that he was part of a management team this season and most of last term was not producing much of note. I just hope that other options were looked at .
  5. Really Lazy appointment but I am not surprised as I predicted such an outcome when his pal packed in. Does anybody know if the position was advertised and interviews conducted?
  6. I think those idiots thought that all the people that were at their event at the Hydro were going to turn up to watch them at Broadwood.
  7. Watching Kelly v Rangers today. Awful .
  8. I think Rangers and Celtic B teams should be allowed to be promoted up to maximum championship level.Controversial?
  9. Fair points.I always think though that teams withdrawing from competitions for whatever reason is a bad look and a bit “unprofessional “ for want of a better phrase.
  10. I don’t think they should be allowed to withdraw.As John says the BUs would miss out on a badly needed home gate.Surely Spartans should be able to field a team of some description .
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