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  1. Don't dare criticise the club or join the committee
  2. How many fans did Rutherglen have yesterday? Has the final caught on in terms of fans attending in the build up to it?
  3. Well I was told that del esplin was on £350/£390 a week at pollok before Johnstone burgh took him away from you so that's a lot more than ' fairly well ' in my book .
  4. And the way it should be ,you can't blame players accepting say between £400 and £1, 000 a week but it's a disgrace of a level of pay for our level and it only ends in tears, credit to Talbot for not going down this road amongst other clubs that will be in it for the long haul at the top level.
  5. Totally agree and the games fecked .nonsense it really is .
  6. Nicky Docherty leaving beith after 11 years service and a cracking player .
  7. They're entitled to do so but would have more respect for them if they were getting the bricks and mortar going in newton mearns and building a ground to call their own ........... until then though.......
  8. I'm sure it's a guy called Brendan Boyle or he was the ex celtic director at them when they first came on the scene .
  9. How's their 6,000 all seater stadium coming along and also their ten year plan to be in the SPL.
  10. I would maybe put another slant on it and say that health and safety has gone mad and people are getting soft these days .
  11. There's absolutely nothing wrong with polloks ground it could and should host a good few thousand like it has been able to in most of its history .
  12. Yeah they no doubt will have bigger priorities.........
  13. Yes mate a good junior player and it was Darren.
  14. I feel like less of an arsehole now and my man was probably telling the truth despite being ran ragged
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