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  1. Please count me in too for the League and Cup! chess.com username: "stewartmathers"
  2. Hi, I've added a Quiz feature to my Scottish Football League Info app which shall appear in the next release. Each quiz shall have 20 randomly selected Scottish Football related questions. The problem is that I only have 20 at the moment so need your help. The format of each question is the question itself (No sh*t sherlock!) and 4 possible answers. If you have any suggestions then I will look to add these in the next release(s).
  3. I've now amended the Alloa Athletic wikipedia page
  4. Hi, I've created a document describing and providing evidence for the actual events that led to your club's formation:: https://thebeautifuldribblinggame.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/alloa_formation.pdf The above also contains pictures of James Rigg (in later years) who instigated the club's formation (in 1880) and was the first captain, and Henry Goodyear who first introduced association football to Alloa - and scored the only goal in the first association match ever held on West End Park, in 1879. Below is an extract covering the matches between the two clubs (who were allegedly the one and the same according to the popular "Clackmannan renamed to Alloa" fake news). Alloa v Clackmannan County Matches Alloa played several matches against Clackmannan County during the 1880-81 season. The two clubs also joined forces as "Clackmannanshire Association Football Clubs" for one charity match against Pilgrims (Glasgow) for the benefit of the poor and neglected children of the Alloa Industrial Home. Matches : November 6th, 1880 Alloa 3-0 Clackmannan, at West End Park February 5th, 1881 Alloa 0-2 Clackmannan, at West End Park May 14th, 1881 Alloa 2-2 Clackmannan, at West End Park Charity Match: The November 6th Alloa v Clackmannan County match, listed above, was used as a trial for the selection of the combined "Clackmannanshire Association Football Clubs" team which would take part in the December charity match against Pilgrims (Glasgow). The charity event was held on December 4th, 1880, at Alloa Park, which was kindly provided by the Honorary Earl of Mar and Kellie. The final result of the sixty minute match was: Clackmannanshire Association Football Clubs 0-7 Pilgrims (Glasgow) James Rigg was the combined home team's captain. Enjoy!
  5. I'll take up your invitations (you'll see a request from stewartmathers) as I'm thinking of joining the league next season.
  6. Celtic were mentioned earlier as having played Home and Away matches on April 15th, 1916. However, Motherwell played twice at home in the Scottish League that day. The first game was a 3-0 defeat to Ayr United, which kicked off at 3.30pm, and then a 3-1 defeat to Celtic in the 6.30pm game. Crowds of 4,000 and 8,000 respectively attended these matches at Fir Park. Motherwell made three team changes for the Celtic game.
  7. Version 1.1.1 just released to Play Store. Much improved Club Information page layout, content and speed of loading. Also has pinch zoom support which is now also available for the User Guide.
  8. Madwullie Result, I (stewartmathers) finally lost to Board_Stupid on his 80th move - so more like going out 14-13 on penalties a.e.t. Best of luck to my opponent in his next round.
  9. Just a heads up that the SFA's free Scottish Cup Predictor for the 2022-23 season is available at: https://www.scottishfa.co.uk/scottish-cup/scottish-cup-predictor/ for a chance to win: - A VIP matchday experience at the 2022-23 Scottish Cup Final - Mystery prizes for each round
  10. I'm up for it! chess.com user account: stewartmathers
  11. This one intrigued me so I cut the ballot data for every draw made in the Scottish Cup since 1873. So no replays, byes, finals etc. and irrespective of whether the tie venue was switched (for usually financial reasons): Biggest home draw bias: 40 - Hibernian (206 home, 166 away) 36 - Stranraer (102 H, 66 A) 20 - 3rd L.R.V. (63 H, 43 A) & Arthurlie (51 H, 31 A) Biggest away draw bias: 30 - Airdrieonians (all guises) (107 H, 137 A) 26 - Montrose (72 H, 98 A) 24 - Partick Th (130 H, 154 A) & St Johnstone (94 H, 118 A) Misc others: Dundee 143 H, 130 A Dundee Utd 107, H 117 A Celtic 216 H, 221 A Rangers 223 H, 238 A So Hibernian appear to have had the most sticky, hot or square balls
  12. On September 16th 1905, "the wasps" Alloa Athletic played a Scottish Qualifying Cup match at Lochgelly United, also known as "the wasps", whilst their own Recreation Park was being used as a neutral venue for a Qualifying Cup replay. Before the start of the latter match, a wasps nest was disturbed causing the spectators to retreat. Do you know of any other bizarre sporting coincidences?
  13. I once held the high score record for Galaxians as published in the Computer and Video magazine. Used to go round the Pubs in Dundee that were offering a bottle of spirits for the weekly Space Invaders high score, then get my mates round to share the spoils before going out at the weekend.
  14. Final digging on this topic revealed that Charles E. Sutcliffe solely generated the English Football League fixture list using "his own system, with special maps and charts." The early midweek return match scheme was thus his idea, and was most likely done to balance the gate receipt impact to both clubs. Interestingly (and slightly off topic), The English League went to war with the pools companies in February 1936, who were making around £700,000 a week from their fixture list. Meetings were held regarding the introduction of a fee for the use of their copyright fixtures. In a bid to prevent pools coupons from being posted in time, the League even scrapped their fixtures and only informed the clubs on the Thursday as to who their opponents were to be on the Saturday. The prearranged fixture list was returned to after two weeks and no fixture list usage fee was introduced. The Scottish League did not take likewise action as they deemed it not being worth the trouble. Sutcliffe's passing in 1939 revealed that he personally owned the fixture copyright for which an agreement had previously been made, with himself and his son, to hand this and the fixture generation methods over to the League in c. 1946. In May 1939, the English League introduced a fixed fee for the use of their fixtures based on the number of copies. The Scottish League only took out a legal copyright on the use of their fixture list in May 1958. This begs the question:- was the Saturday/mid week return match scheme used by the Scottish League, subtly different so as to avoid a copyright infringement of the novel mid-week/mid-week return match one?
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