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  1. Hi All, apologies for the non football related post but I wondered if you can give me some advice. I have an Uncle who sadly died last year and his wishes were to have his ashes scattered at a particular spot very near to Brechin, (where he was born). I live in London and will be doing this. The problem I'm having is trying to get to Brechin from London at a cost I can afford. This is where I could do with some assistance. Train from Kings Cross to Montrose then across to Brechin is very expensive. Flights from London to Edinburgh are OK price wise but then I can't find a way to get to Brechin from there, (by train or bus). If anyone is able to offer any advice on how you'd make the journey then I'll be very grateful. Overnight stay is fine as I want to have a good look around. Many Thanks
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