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  1. I suspect you are a wee boy who has rebranded himself as a comedian
  2. Scottish cup draw on Monday at 4pm. Who do we fancy? A trip into the unknown or straightforward one at home. I fancy Wick away
  3. Still feel if we had set up differently we would have got a result
  4. I know I was there and was relieved they didn't, just curious is all
  5. Does anyone know other then the English club Rangers if any of the Scottish teams played god save the king
  6. I always try and hope all Scottish teams do well in Europe but having watched the singing of the English national anthem at Ibrox I made an exception. I just hope this is not replicated at Scottish games at weekend
  7. Definitely not a surprise result. They were also considered by many to be one of the favourites for going up
  8. Enjoyable and professional performance today only down sides were the stadium and some helmet trying to be allowed to smoke in the stadium or be allowed to leave and come back in and citing his mental health as a reason for it
  9. I noticed a fair number of folk today with the 91-94 home strip. Are they being sold somewhere
  10. The Peterhead strip reminded me of the yellow label food packaging in ASDA
  11. Bit paranoid to suggest there is a spy in our midst feeding back to board especially when information on this thread is open to every Tom, Fife and Harry
  12. I note that a lot of people on twitter wetting their pants about having a betting sponsor presumably because betting can be harmful. The same folk who probably have skin tight clothing due to weight gain, little activity and who drink lager and smoke tabs after work. When did we gain such a puritan support base
  13. Central Park and cappielow must be contenders
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