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  1. I noticed a fair number of folk today with the 91-94 home strip. Are they being sold somewhere
  2. The Peterhead strip reminded me of the yellow label food packaging in ASDA
  3. Bit paranoid to suggest there is a spy in our midst feeding back to board especially when information on this thread is open to every Tom, Fife and Harry
  4. I note that a lot of people on twitter wetting their pants about having a betting sponsor presumably because betting can be harmful. The same folk who probably have skin tight clothing due to weight gain, little activity and who drink lager and smoke tabs after work. When did we gain such a puritan support base
  5. Central Park and cappielow must be contenders
  6. Well I agree that he shouldn't be hounded in respect of being contacted or public slurs but surely reposting his own advertisement on a Falkirk fan page and having an opinion on it doesn't qualify for that. I get he has to make a living he is just so difficult to feel sorry for with his level of arrogance. Its also reassuring that other clubs aren't lining up to give him another gig
  7. How very sensible of you and normally I would agree but after all the damage he caused and his arrogant way of justifying means I have very little sympathy for him.he probably got a cut of his sons severance pay that he would have helped negotiate
  8. I heard we had enquired about Bobby Linn but he doesn't want to go full time.
  9. I'm guessing you are a young scroat who has just discovered football forums and are seeking attention
  10. I hear Yogi has thrown his hat in the ring for the vacant prime minister post.
  11. I hate it when a team goes down to 10 men in a friendly, however since we did it first by bringing on Wilson it was only fair
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