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  1. I see our good friend Higgenbottom has been freed by Kelty. He can still do a job probably as impact sub. Is he worth signing or has he burned his bridges/ not good enough
  2. Couldn't give a toss about ex player news
  3. I'm surprised Kai Kennedy with his Rangers connection didn't get the Airdrie players vote
  4. I don't think Williamson will play, Mcglynn will go back to team that went on earlier winning streak with Oliver up top. Williamson should only be considered for last 20 minutes if we are chasing the game. He has performed well though in last two
  5. More important points today for little Airdrie who should be looking over their shoulder rather than upwards. 2-1 Bairns
  6. Look forward to brushing the minnows of Airdrie aside in preparation for another play off failure for them.
  7. I see the boy on Facebook who can't differentiate between of and off has led the annual stupidity about the playoffs and asking if they have changed.
  8. Even worse the same Airdrie fan trying to be funny using the same line twice in a row
  9. I think he's probably a young scroat desperately looking for attention. Surely no one really believes this kind of thing
  10. I agree with all of this bar banning fan for life. The fan should be given the opportunity to apologise. I'm sure that would mean more than a ban. Even the most vile person couldn't justify abusing a man who has done so much for our club and still speaks fondly about club
  11. I can't watch it, a bunch of giggling imbeciles trying to talk up games and rivalries with nothing teams like Livingston and Ross County
  12. Someone at the Bonnyrigg game hit the nail on the head by pointing out a few years back we were playing at Hampden now it seems like playing in someone's back garden
  13. Whilst it is great to see finally some kind of run of results for first time in ages we remain 5 points off the top. It is still Dunfermlines to lose and they must still be favourites
  14. More chance of game being televised now a west of Scotland team playing. The feel good factor of a) a cup shock and b) easier tie for us has been wrecked by all these knuckle dragging currant buns going on about Aberdeen only raising game against "the famous"
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