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  1. its definitely going to be Alexander, has barely won a game since christmas and now we have the european disaster i'll be shocked if he's still in a job at the end of august
  2. Lions are unequalled, and the desperate attempts by those poor jealous souls to undermine them are hilarious. Hail Hail lads.
  3. that we won it and you haven't, should have been 4 or 5-1 too, how we only scored 2 goals i'll never know
  4. Hail Hail to the lions, the greatest team to ever come from scotland. Champions of Europe 67!
  5. Celtic - Champions League Group Stage Sevco - Champions League 3rd Qualifying Round Hearts - Europa League Play Off Round Dundee United - Europa Conference League 3rd Qualifying round Motherwell - Europa Conference League 2nd Qualifying round
  6. celtic are champions and frankfurt won the europa league, all is right in the world.
  7. Good performance, 6 goals, said goodbye to Nir and Tom, had a celebration in the stadium, all in all a good day, onto the party tonight now. see ya next season lads
  8. what a day, hope the bhoys enjoy their holidays
  9. no chance, i'm hoping by the end of tomorrow that gap between us and them will be 7 points, the more points between the better. 39 points again is the dream one day.
  10. Surprised at Rogic wanting to leave, thought we would have got at least 1 more season but if he wants to go home nothing we can do, it has been nearly 10 years. Losing 2 players with their level of experience is tough though, I can see why we kept Forrest now, need to have some sort of experience in the team and with the departures of Rogic and Bitton then that makes Forrest and McGregor our only players left with over 100 appearances for the club. Wish them both the best of luck.
  11. Not in the next 3-4 years but if Hearts can sustain group stage football and help build on the coefficient it is possible or United and Motherwell do the same as hearts, but we need a minimum of 3 teams in group stage football, either that or celtic and rangers need to reach semi finals every season and hope teams like psv, feyenoord, AZ, Sporting and braga get knocked out quick.
  12. You're too big to be wasting away in the championship, quick bounce back next season thanks. The league is better and more valuable with the dundee derby in it.
  13. fingers crossed for 5 teams in group stage football next season, I want to catch up to Portugal and Netherlands sooner than later.
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