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  1. Or the thickwit kids could just follow the request of the club and not bring them in the first place. That seems like the sensible solution.
  2. Robertson would be a good player if he gets his head on straight.
  3. I don't think anyone accused you of lying but good lord the state of this sentence.
  4. Yeah, the smoke bomb crowd can do one, absolute wee bunch of belters. Stewards didn't look bothered to do anything, but the ones throwing the smoke bombs should be found easily enough, fine them and ban them.
  5. Next years player budget depends entirely on who's in the league. Dundee, Dundee United, Dunfermline and Falkirk could all plausibly be in the same league depending on the playoffs, all of which gives opportunity for larger gates throughout the season, you're looking at multiple 2500+ home crowds in place of Cove/Hamilton/Arbroath and Queens. In saying that, we could be getting that weekly should the majority of those there today been given any incentive to return regularly.
  6. At this level, no but both of those guys have shown proper quality previously to today. Isma not so much, flashes of decency, but on the whole, lazy, incapable of holding a ball up or putting in a real shift when it's needed. No effort to close down or make defenders think twice. The Hamilton defence didn't have a lot to do against him. Admittedly part of that was the way we were made to play by their high pressing and battling performance but in the opportunities he had... nothing.
  7. Not disagreeing. I did say Vaughan was slow, weak and has become a diving wee shite too. Spencer was awful as well, but he did try and make up for his mistakes. Isma sauntered around and didn't even make an attempt to hassle defenders or make space for others.
  8. That was a 90 minute exercise in choosing the wrong decision at every opportunity whilst also giving them a 60 min head start. Until the sending off we weren't even close to being properly in the game. Worst I've seen Spencer play in a long time, Brown as always kept going but every time he got the ball he killed all the momentum we were trying to build up. Easton again tried to make space when a pass would be fine and Vaughan just isn't the player he was (not unexpected after 4 knee injuries), no pace and decided to throw himself to the floor when he could have taken a shot, get that right in the bin. Speaking of going right in the bin, Isma can climb on in, awful, awful player.
  9. Southamptons appointment of Nathan Jones begs to differ. At least they had the brains to sack him again.
  10. Any of Airdrie's front 3 would be a decent addition i'd say, they've been pretty free scoring all season. Reilly would be a gamble at this level. Dundee and Killie would perhaps take him and loan him out for a season, we don't really have that luxury on our budget.
  11. Going by the article, it has never been "on" as much as "flirting with" as no one other than Silverbear have put in a statement of intent.
  12. It was a great tackle and highlights just how weak football has become that if that was the reason its now a foul. For me, it was just Lloyd Wilson highlighting how poor an official he is.
  13. While it doesn't bother me that people leave early in games, they've paid their money to get in by that point, I feel a similar attitude to games is what gives us pathetic home crowds of ~1600 for a league game but ~3700 for a cup final. The fairweather fan is a huge reason why we run at a yearly deficit while trying to remain competitive.
  14. No no, absolutely the Ronnie Coyle goal. For a defender to be involved in a pitch length passing move and finishing from the edge of the box with such quality was outstanding.
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