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  1. I’m not convinced that it’s necessarily more than meets the eye as some are saying. I’m sure throughout his career Berra will have worked with many he doesn’t like so can’t see him fully retiring on account of that. Also if it was to ease our wage then they’d surely have come to a mutual consent type thing, and he could have then went to Falkirk. IF however it was to free up wages to bring others in then I’m concerned that the club are on their arses as we need his wages to cover about 4 people. i certainly wouldn’t want to speculate, and whilst I’m disappointed to lose an experienced player, my overriding thought is that I hope Berra is ok and the decision is purely physical and not thinking his body can cope with the demands.
  2. Absolutely mind-blown at some of the reaction on here for pre season games. It’s all about fitness and for the new manager to assess what he has, Or In some cases, hasn’t. some real overreaction and bed wetting going on here. imaging booing a pre season friendly I really do feel for Murray. Luckily if It does go tits up for him we have a few experts on here who seen to know what they are talking about and will fill the void…..
  3. Got to be mindful of the opposition but a lot of positives to take. Patterson clearly likes to play high and took his goal really well and certainly seems a talent. Eastons movement and variation of play is excellent. Obviously his goal was a peach but loved how he always wanted the ball. I actually think his movement could really benefit Zanatta. Brown and Stanton, if they stay fit are going to be a really solid midfield together. I’m tempering the fact it was just a bounce match but the signs are there. The way they pressed and the little passing passages.
  4. Thought he spoke really well and certainly seems like the type of football the fans can get behind. Let’s hope the players buy into it aswell. A much needed boost for the club and fans.
  5. It would be interesting to see the type of club in for him, as you say, at 28 and with a history of injuries I’d be slightly surprised if it was a particularly higher level that came for him. - although no doubting his abilities. He is also part of Joe Cardles Cochinf Academy so it may be that a move to Rovers would be appealing in the respect it would let him continue with that? I’m maybe trying to be overly optimistic as there is no doubt he would do well with Rovers
  6. I suspect if we have officially went to Kelty for permission then there have been unofficial discussions with KT already about whether he has interest or not. I’d imagine amongst that budget etc would have been a factor. Kelty will also have asked KT if it’s something he wants to pursue and he must have shown willingness. I’d guess it’ll be a goer. I’m just gutted I never got him at 7s yesterday
  7. https://mcbookie.com/event/732604/next-permanent-raith-manager mcpake moves in to joint favourite with Thomson….
  8. Some guy called Stephen Batty at 25/1. I’ve genuinely never heard of him before. Anyone know much about him?
  9. https://mcbookie.com/event/732604/next-permanent-raith-manager here is some runners and riders….
  10. Genuine question, what realistic appointment would excite the fans? .
  11. Just over a week to get the applications in. Suppose it could be looked on either way - a short timeframe so feels very rushed - eager to get the new guy in to get things rolling. I can’t see managers in the play offs wanting to commit to that so we can likely rule out Ian Murray and Stewart Petrie, albeit he was never really realistic.
  12. https://www.footballinsider247.com/rangers-mcpake-new-twist/?amp if we are going to bring in just one J McPake this summer then I hope it’s this one. for no other reason than it means it’s not the other one.
  13. Gordon Strachan with Brown as his assistant? not sure I’d be keen myself but maybe Strachan could be tempted by a managerial role again?
  14. Fair enough, out of curiosity, if you had the keys to the kingdom who would you go for?
  15. Ian Murray - Depending on play offs Stewart Petrie - same as above (I couldn’t care less about the Pars connection, just want the best man for the job) Kevin Thomson - Cut his teeth in Rangers youth coaching and done what he has needed to with Kelty and looks to be ambitious. Any of those 3 I’d be happy with. Knowing our luck we’ll get Davo with Bene as his assistant… (jokes)
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