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  1. Does anyone know how many buses are making the trip to Wick ? I know Cheerz had seats available but the thought of a 5-6 hour journey with no toilet on the bus doesn’t exactly make it appealing.
  2. Does Edinburgh Fc actually want fans to attend as trying to access their website as advised on our website to purchase tickets is near impossible starting to think it won't be worth the hassle between this, limited trains, crap view, crap portaloos at a ground that would be put to shame by some junior clubs.
  3. Some of the passing and first touches were terrible, these are the basics that we will have to improve on.
  4. Is there a date yet for the official transfer over to the League 1 forum?
  5. Congratulations agent Hughes another successful mission
  6. We actually won the old 2nd division in season 1974-75 but this season must go down as one of our lowest placings in certainly the 50 years I have been following Falkirk.
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