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  1. £15 for ppv? Gie them feck all. **Firestick***ahem. £55 for the year - get all of shitey Sky, Premier Sports whatever its called this week, BT Sport, even yes, you guessed it, Scottish Championship games live.... Ken where I am watching it, and it wont be at the lavvy called Somerset Park or giving them any money to bolster their championship push on Ayr TV. Did my time going to away matches over many years, canny be ersed wi travelling to games any more. Particularly going to Somerset where I have been to around 20 odd Ayr - Raith games and saw us win there once. ONCE! Are the pies still the horrific tin foil shelled efforts that are 90% grease inside? The crush barriers still covered in neanderthal slobbers from the last time Rangers played there?
  2. Saturday 2nd half was so bad it felt like McGrymm was in the dug out again. First time I have left at 70 minutes! Utterly woeful. Hopefully we use it as a catalyst to sort out the cracks that are merely papered over. January Murrays urgency is getting in a striker. Gullan is not cutting it. Vaughan is far from match sharpness. The big Faroese lad is awful. Connell flatters to deceive and I canny even remember the other lads name......
  3. Rudi Poussonamy, in fact any of the Anelka disaster fund. Closer to date, around half of McGrymms signings. Zanatta as a flop, Keatings as a never played and of course the rapist being the worst probably. When you think of some of those who took a wage from San Starko it is frightening. Made Stuart Romaines actually LOOK like Zico!
  4. This young lad is different class. Think he has a future in the English Championship tbh. Would love to see us hold on to him till the summer. 19 year old that plays like a veteran.
  5. Started the Raith v Partick topic, so taking my own wee bit of credit. Therefore going for 2 in a row. Hope the form keeps going, and the long awaited return of Lewis soon reaps the reward of a return goal. I also hope we don't have to score 5 in this one to make sure of the win! Accies picked up a hard fought point from being 4-1 down yesterday so it is a wee bit omenous! Can never write them off. going for a scrappy 1-0 win and Lewis to get that goal.
  6. Another shocker of a result against Ayr for the Maryhill Magyars. What has went wrong? Top of the league and then Hibsing it?
  7. Don't know what to make of this tie. On one hand, Raith, who can only score goals from midfielders. Partick, who got caned at home by Queens Park 4-0 in a very surprise result. Missed a penalty too. Was the Partick result a fluke, bad day at the office or what? Home game against tough opposition. Think I will be happy with a draw.
  8. Yup. Seem to remember hearing about a red card I did not see, and there were goals didnt see either. Was the fog weather not the fog of drink....
  9. When we need about 30 goalscoring opportunities to score a goal, I STILL don't think it will happen. It's Albion Rovers all over again......Only ICT don't have a fat otherwise useless striker to score against us.... Those of a certain age will know who I mean.
  10. The proverbial have to piss with the cock you have got. We don't have a cock for him to piss with. HE is doing his job crossing the ball in. Not his fault there is nothing there to cross to. The guys up front are not decent enough strikers. Gullan is too deep and more a decent n.o 10. We have no n.o 9. Was hoping the big Viking would be the answer but time will tell.
  11. Canny believe folk are calling for the managers head already. This was always going to be a rebuild season after finally punting that dumplin McGlynn out the door. Remember, a lot of our issues this season are STILL his fault. No pot to piss in thanks to him signing THAT twat from Clyde and the subsequent pay off. Leaving his maybe one good signing amongst dozens....... I am quite confident we will finish this season without any playoffs. We are nowhere near good enough for the up the ways, but we are too good for the down the ways. Last season it was as well we started so well, otherwise it would be us with the buckets and spades rather than the Townies. Put it this way, if it was a choice to have McGlynn back for a fortnight, or sign Murray up on a 15 year mega contract, I would hand Murray the pen. Yes, he has his faults, but then again he is manager of Raith Rovers FC, not Man City or Real Madrid. Still the best we could get at our level.
  12. I would definitely hope so too. Last nights 'Clopse' game ended 1-7.......
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