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  1. Last night I saw United scoring a goal Ooh we, Murdy-Murdy Dip-Dip! Looked at the table and we were top of them all Ooh we, Murdy-Murdy Dip-Dip! Murdy-Murdy Dip-Dip Ayr!
  2. My pal has sent me a poem. "You inspire me to be better your name has many letter You look so good in white and black Next season we will welcome you back You make my tender body shiver When you make that silky net quiver You’re going to set my world alight When it’s your time to shine on a Friday night People might think I’m a creepo But I have everlasting love for Dipo" What do we think Honest Men?
  3. 1. I like Love Island. 2. I'm too invested. 3. Aye, that's I how I switch the channel to ITV 2 at 9pm.
  4. Said that he hadn't seen so much talent since Ayr played Hearts
  5. It's been two games for Dipo, if he bags a goal or two at Galabank or McDiarmid Park everybody will be signing his praises. It's only the first two competitive games, It's no panic stations yet. I'll worry if the 5-3-2 stays if it clearly doesn't work, but as of now it's still only two cup games and the team are still gelling.
  6. Aw man this is actually embarrassing, cringed when I read it. I like a bit of back and forth, but I feel really bad for ye
  7. https://www.glasgowtimes.co.uk/sport/20249688.arbroath-named-uks-investable-team/ Interesting wee read! More context below: https://technosports.co.in/2022/06/13/takeover-prospects-club-investment/
  8. Pal's just told me Gareth Bale drove by him at the Whitletts Roundabout
  9. I'm not that concerned just now, some of the 9 that have went were utter guff, signings we've brought in so far I think are good. Need to have some more in place for the Elgin game. Reckon we'll get some good quality players in.
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