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  1. Does read like a last throw of the dice. In what world did they think the insulting tone of that email would encourage more people to sign up? In a cost of living crisis, trying to shame people into signing up is not the way to succeed. Fans have already stepped up in buying season tickets and pay at the gate. Interesting to also read that the £400k loss is based on increasing income by 45% so it will likely be much much worse in reality. There’s hardly been a big influx of sponsors and advertisers and hospitality is much quieter than previous years so I can’t see how they are going to manage their income targets. The FAQs state that borrowing the money will be the option if fans don’t buy them. Who is going to lend us money in the current climate? Will be interesting to see the Going Concern statement in the accounts which should be due in the next few weeks. Pains me to say it but wouldn’t be surprised to see administration by Christmas based on the content of that email.
  2. Shocking email. Imagine the reaction from the current regime if Gary Deans had sent that?
  3. Since the latest FSS newsletter revealed the budget gap has risen from £300k to £400k how are we going to fill this gap? Yes the performances on the park are much more encouraging the last few weeks but it is a big concern how we are going to fill this black hole with very little in the bank. Previously we had board members with the bank balance to be able to provide a soft loan, where is this money going to come from now?
  4. It’s now over a month since the last discussions about the website and very little has changed. Yet again we still can’t get basics right: - Airdrie result the last to be updated - Dundee match not on fixtures - Still no match reports Why can’t we get the basics right as a club? What exactly does our Chief Executive do to justify his role as he certainly isn’t ensuring high standards across everything the club does?
  5. By my count that’s the third director to resign since the new board came in. So much for stability.
  6. First match I’ve been to this season and god that was poor. Absolutely nothing going forward. On that showing we won’t even be close to making the play offs this season. Shows how far we have fallen as a club that some are considering the positives in that performance.
  7. Wouldn’t be my choice of sponsor. Can’t imagine they are paying much but I suppose we must be desperate for any income.
  8. How many of these ‘free’ boards were genuinely free though and how many were in exchange for services provided to the club?
  9. Good to see fixture list finally updated, hopefully first of many improvements.
  10. I never mentioned it being updated by sponsors. My complaint is the lack of quality control on updates (ie news stories) which ultimately reflects badly on the image of the club. The fixtures list is another item which is becoming a bit of a joke. Anyone with a bit of web experience should be able to fix. It is now over a month since the fixtures were released and still not listed on the website which doesn’t reflect well on the club or Crunchy Carrots (if it is indeed a technical issue).
  11. Another high quality output from the club website. Falkirk v Clyde matchday guide with a map of Bonnyrigg’s ground. Does no one proof read these things? May seem picky to some but it’s all about standards and the quality of our website/media outlets leaves a lot to be desired and is put to shame by most other clubs in this league.
  12. On a related note we still don’t have a fixtures list on our website. Been sitting for weeks as ‘page undergoing maintenance’. Bit of a joke that we still can’t get the basics right as a club.
  13. Must say Ray Bradshaw has been excellent over the last few weeks. Made the show much more relevant to younger audiences. Also like someone else has said this weeks guests were very good, lots of very interesting football chat and stories.
  14. Could have predicted the low turnout. I recon lucky to make 1,000 for a friendly. Would have been so much better unveiling at first league match.
  15. If commercial income can’t be increased where are we going to plug the gap from as it doesn’t sound like any of the patrons have the funds to put in significant new investment. The old MSG were slaughtered on here for giving the club soft loans - however at least we had a handful of very wealthy individuals who could write a cheque when times got tough. Ok they got paid back but where will we get funds now to get through any cash flow problems or even to fund the new pitch?
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