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  1. Yeah, hopefully Edinburgh City reserves are told where to go.
  2. Maybe you could get their manager in when you get rid of... oh wait.
  3. A few more metres and that could've been Hollywood, a roll into the pumps.
  4. http://scotfa.co/junefriendlies Luxembourg and Netherlands confirmed.
  5. I think he’ll bother me more than Gullan.
  6. Aye you’d think for £15 you’d get something as good as the Raith TV. The sound mix between players/commentary is shite too.
  7. Far from it. It’s the other residents of your town letting the side down.
  8. There’s a ‘Bonnie Prince Bob’ standing in Edinburgh Central. Surprising he doesn’t seem quite as nuts as the name would suggest.
  9. Obviously there should be automatic relegation from the SPFL. In years to come I predict the LL will be noticeably stronger than the HL. Tier 5 is fine as it is for now.
  10. I think the natural balance would be a three way spilt at tier 5: Highland, East and West.
  11. I’d have had the Perthshire sides in the HL feeders too but otherwise delighted how the whole pyramid has worked out. Time for automatic relegation from the SPFL.
  12. The talk of who’s the bigger club is a pointless and boring one but I will say that I was genuinely surprised at how pathetic the Livi home support was in our game last season. It must be really frustrating that more locals don’t go to see them.
  13. I’d rather that for next season we sign a Midfield General!
  14. I know. If I knew I wasn’t getting a stamp I wouldn’t have bothered!
  15. Yeah I didn’t get a stamp visiting South Korea either in 2019.
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