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  1. The Angus yokels don’t like it when the boys from the big toon come up north.
  2. East of Scotland is a tough league.
  3. Aye. He needs to be told to f**k off. Would just encourage more players to do the same.
  4. I hope Santa’s making a visit to the Raith Rovers club shop in the next few weeks!
  5. Enigma

    FM 2020

    This is why I usually wait a few weeks before downloading a new football manager. I remember one bug a good few years back where the fixtures just didn’t load after your first season.
  6. The only thing in a state is the club you support.
  7. Surely appointing him was a bad decision?
  8. These things cost a lot to stage it’s not a case of £50 x 10,000 = $$$
  9. I mean at least he has a better win percentage than Ray did in 2/5 of his last jobs!
  10. Alan Stubbs and Darren Jackson dream team.
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