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  1. Might explain why he was happy to sign on… I heard this news at Dunbar on Saturday, real kick in the stones. Good news is Brown looks more than capable at the base of midfield.
  2. I’m hoping for a centenary tour of the Canaries next summer.
  3. Yeah I’m just generally more of a fan of just navy and white, and when we’ve paired navy and sky blue. It isn’t a bad top at all though. Dare I say the sponser looks a lot smarter than a generic fonted url?
  4. There isn’t a tram line from the top of Leith Walk to Portobello, you’d have to build that for trams. You also have Brunstane in use as conventional rail.
  5. If I remember correctly, costs aside, the Edinburgh suburban line has a few hurdles in its way. For one it would use a basically at capacity section of the East Coast Main Line, there’s a lack of platform space at Haymarket/Waverley (this might not be as big an issue now) there’s also capacity issues between Haymarket and Waverley. I may be wrong as I’m just going by memory but I think a large part of the “capacity” stuff is the bottleneck as you exit Waverley east and short of digging another tunnel it’s not easy to resolve.
  6. I never said “I won’t be back” as I knew fine well I would be. There was more than a fair bit of melodrama around the whole thing though. People made statements in the heat of the moment they didn’t stick to. I’m I bothered about it? Not really. Football fans are fickle though, who knew? Changes have been made at the club, yes. I’m still not happy about the fact we’re indirectly paying DG’s wages, I’m not happy that certain people at the club remain in place but I’ve made peace with it. I’m a Raith Rovers supporter and it would take a lot for me to give that up.
  7. Absolutely but Mullen would be 3rd choice, which is fine, Paterson though could be an upgrade on Dick but Schiavone sounds like he should be no more than squad filler.
  8. Apart from Jim Foy. He doesn’t seem to want to even speak for himself.
  9. Sorry, missed that completely. Point still stands.
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