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  1. Can we get Calderon in as well as technical director?
  2. Aye what I heard was he was constantly late and didn’t bother his arse in training so was dropped then took the huff. Don’t know how true that is but he seems to have bit of an attitude problem.
  3. Duku’s pish. Gave up half way through the season. He’ll fall over a lot and not make any run he doesn’t have to. There’s a decent player there but no application.
  4. I’d like to think we’d be in for Murray too. He could be a pretty decent replacement for Hendry. The idiot above is wrong of course - he absolutely did tear us apart in that game.
  5. A triple header against Chinese Taipei, Nepal and Jordan... and they say there are no easy games in international football!
  6. I said it earlier as well, I'm not sure if the bigger budget will just be due to moving completely ft rather than really making much more available for mcglynn to work with. I'd hope there is actually a decent increase to the playing budget that isn't just to account for that, I wouldn't be surprised if there isn't though. Given we finished with only MacDonald and McGurn as part time I’d imagine the bigger budget would account for more than simply their full time replacements.
  7. Sim said we budgeted for 7th last season and that the budget would be bigger this season. If that’s for 5 or 6th then fair enough. There is however a big difference between budgeting for a 4th place finish or higher and aiming to reach the play offs. If McGlynn isn’t aiming to finish in at least the play offs this season I’ll be amazed.
  8. I’d like to think we’d never aim for 5-6th. Play offs should always be the goal while we’re in this league. Like probably 95% of Rovers fans I’ve full faith in McGlynn to get the signings right and if Connelly is who John thinks is the best option for us then fair enough. That said Connelly is, for me, a tad disappointing - perhaps because I was half expecting Ethan Ross to sign there. He’s certainly got something to prove, which is no bad thing, but he seems like a downgrade on Armstrong. He has a dodgy injury record and was a part of that rancid Falkirk side of last season.
  9. I can only remember the cup game at Stark’s around 2002/2003ish which must have been our most recent meeting. Ramiro Gonzales spilled the ball in hilarious fashion for Killie to score.
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