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  1. Enigma


    If you weren’t already aware Joe Exotic did feature in a Louis Theroux documentary about 10 years ago. Worth a watch.
  2. Yeah it’s a great way to keep the donating up. I’ve been paid since I made my just giving donation and this means I can keep making small contributions up until the end of when this season would have been.
  3. Hasn’t stopped the Irish in the past.
  4. To be fair Falkirk were once saved from relegation due to factors outside their control.
  5. He’s taken a lot of flak on here but Burnie_man suddenly being oh-so-concerned for wee clubs who wish to remain junior really does take the biscuit.
  6. My feeling are that you’d fucking take it and the promotion also. Yes, it would always be and feel like a bit of a “tainted” title and no doubt an asterisk would be next to our name in the history books in terms of the honour awarded but its a damn sight better than the alternative option.
  7. I do wonder if we might see a “Raith Rovers Hardship Fund” or the like in the coming days/weeks. I’d be happy to donate as long as it was clear what the funds would/wouldn’t be used for as per the players fund. In the meantime I’m sure anything extra given to the player fund or the lotto would help.
  8. That money you turned down for Nisbet would be useful right now. I wonder if you’d accept a reduced bid.
  9. I actually think this could be the most likely scenario. Fucking bleak.
  10. Falkirk can’t feel too aggrieved about missing out on promotion if we do go up as championships. Maybe if they’d beaten us even once this season they’d have a claim but they couldn’t even manage that.
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