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  1. Pars fans in the “I’d rather see us get pumped of it means getting rid of Grant” phase I see. Lovely stuff.
  2. It’s exactly what Steve Clarke would have done if he hadn’t got himself injured.
  3. Was it not mentioned in the mainstream press he was only training twice a week? Maybe the club wanted to address that? I don’t know it is a bit of a strange statement.
  4. Still yet to hear a good reason as to why away fans don’t have an allocation for this game.
  5. Apparently your season ticket holders care very deeply.
  6. I wonder if the club and management have been duped a bit here. I’m guessing we didn’t know about this when he signed his PCA. Sounds like he’s crocked.
  7. It’s a petty squabble with the other arsecheek. You don’t want any of the blue bigots in your stadium for the next derby because they didn’t let you into theirs for the last one.
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