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  1. There was a woman in America who died from drinking something silly like a litre of soy sauce in one go.
  2. I know that probably wasn’t his intention but his wording most certainly implies both have gone on to play for Scotland and score goals in the top flight. If you didn’t know the facts of the matter I don’t see how you’d interoperate that any differently.
  3. Ten thousand years to our glorious league position!
  4. I had heard Ugwu is back in training this week coming.
  5. Commentators were terrific. Enjoyed them more than the Raith TV guys if we’re being honest. I had point where I refreshed which I think coincided with the audio f**k up. As you say not a massive issue. Thought the picture quality could have been slightly better too but that could be at my end and I’m splitting hairs on that point.
  6. I’m finding it pretty bittersweet. On the back of two pretty stonking wins in normal times the prospect of a big day out in Dundee next week would have me almost fully erect. Obviously it’s great to be winning, and winning well but it’s really hard to feel a part of it watching on from the sofa at home, alone.
  7. Sadly don’t think there is a way to listen back but there were a couple of really good interviews with Ross Matthews & Frankie Musonda and Steven MacDonald today on the K107 pre match sports show. Edit to say you can indeed listen again from 8PM!
  8. Aye, if we were just made to look good by Queen’s then Ayr must be fucking gash too.
  9. I’ve just condemned him to an utter horror show if he does play so I wouldn’t worry.
  10. He’s been sent to Kelty and come back not half bad.
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