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  1. 21 and he’s played 0 senior games. Always a big risk with this type of signing. Timmy Abraham came up to us last season and looked like a competition winner.
  2. You could probably put Karl Pilkington on this list for me. I never caught the Karl Pilkington Show but I did watch some of his Idiot Abroad and it started to grate on me that this was presumably a fairly normal guy just acting the goat, which I guess was kinda the point.
  3. Same people who call a baguette a French stick?
  4. They may eventually settle into that area but if they do go on to win League One I think they’ll be top half in this league next season.
  5. Guessing we’d probably done the deals for Stanton and Williamson by that point. Taits a victim of signing a PCA. Possibly told by Jack Ross he’s very much in his plans come January and now the new man is in with his own ideas and budget and Tait is cast aside.
  6. Not for us! Looking forward to Matthews chopping him on 19th Feb frankly.
  7. Congratulations on your title win, Arbroath.
  8. Live match commentary on BBC Scotland. Listening to that with the volume down on Raith TV. Best of both worlds.
  9. I wonder which player of ours Arbroath will be trying to injure today.
  10. Shame you weren’t in for Christmas…
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