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  1. To be honest Arnott is probably wasted playing at that level with the ball flying over his head again and again…
  2. I couldn’t really care less about how many or few support Queen’s Park, they beat us fair and square, and I’m sure their fans are having the time of the life at the moment having effectively won the football lottery of having a rich sugar daddy bankroll their club. Fair play.
  3. Worth pointing out that I genuinely don’t think we’d have won that league had it been played out in full, let alone called a week later than it was after our inevitable draw/loss away to Peterhead.
  4. Or perhaps Raith TV were not willing to interview our former CEO/Sim etc…
  5. Picked up one just there. Still bottles left in Dalry, Edinburgh. Cheers for the heads up.
  6. Nice of you guys to commemorate armistice day with a nice, understated display of old German Empire flags…
  7. I’m sure Cameron has had a positive influence but I think it’s a bit harsh on Murray to give him too much credit.
  8. Our present midfield three is pretty special but he would be the first name on the team sheet if he was still here. Fantastic player.
  9. Almost certainly the latter. I think we’re pretty rooked financially and can’t see us spending big, or even moderately, come January.
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