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  1. What a collapse. Never want to see Nesbitt, Morrison, McGuffie and Heatherington in the same team ever again.
  2. plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose Utter rubbish
  3. Wordle 402 4/6 [emoji833][emoji833][emoji833][emoji833][emoji833] [emoji833][emoji833][emoji833][emoji833] [emoji833][emoji833] Lol
  4. Wordle 399 4/6 [emoji833][emoji833][emoji833][emoji833] [emoji833][emoji833] [emoji833]
  5. Community integration is absolutely the way forward, I don't disagree. Ultimately that is NLC's grand plan with ambitious (expensive) town hubs being built across the authority. I quite often get books for pupils from public libraries and it breaks my heart to see the selection they have that is woefully underused, meanwhile I am replacing books with second hand copies from the community library in Tesco. However, that isn't happening any time soon. In addition, school libraries are so much more than just a place to take out books and it is all the other things provided by a trained librarian that can't really be measured on a balanced sheet.
  6. NLC have been making bold statements about integration with community libraries and widening access to resources. It's nonsense, they want teachers to run the libraries with the help of pupil volunteers and possible occasional input from public librarians. It's never going to work, school libraries will end up closed and the only people missing out will be the pupils.
  7. Bump.. Our petition is getting amazing numbers. Please sign and help us hit 30k tonight! https://chng.it/VGqrVhTRRQ
  8. Wordle 393 5/6 [emoji833][emoji833][emoji833][emoji833] [emoji833][emoji833][emoji833][emoji833] [emoji833][emoji833][emoji833] [emoji833][emoji833][emoji833]
  9. Wordle 392 3/6 [emoji833][emoji833][emoji833][emoji833] [emoji833][emoji833][emoji833]
  10. Wordle 391 5/6 [emoji833][emoji833][emoji833][emoji833] [emoji833][emoji833][emoji833][emoji833] [emoji833][emoji833][emoji833][emoji833] [emoji833][emoji833]
  11. Wordle 390 5/6 [emoji833][emoji833][emoji833] [emoji833][emoji833] [emoji833][emoji833] [emoji833]
  12. Wordle 389 5/6 [emoji833][emoji833][emoji833][emoji833] [emoji833][emoji833][emoji833] [emoji833][emoji833] [emoji833]
  13. Wordle 388 4/6 [emoji833][emoji833][emoji833][emoji833] [emoji833][emoji833][emoji833] [emoji833][emoji833][emoji833]
  14. Wordle 387 5/6 [emoji833][emoji833][emoji833][emoji833] [emoji833][emoji833][emoji833][emoji833] [emoji833][emoji833][emoji833][emoji833] [emoji833][emoji833]
  15. Wordle 386 5/6 [emoji833][emoji833] [emoji833][emoji833] [emoji833][emoji833] [emoji833][emoji833]
  16. Wordle 385 4/6 [emoji833] [emoji833] [emoji833]
  17. Wordle 384 5/6 [emoji833][emoji833][emoji833][emoji833] [emoji833][emoji833][emoji833] [emoji833] [emoji833]
  18. Darryl? Anyway, enjoyed it. Not as good as Ragnarok but fun all the same. Strange watching a Thor movie without Loki though.
  19. Wordle 383 6/6 [emoji833][emoji833][emoji833] [emoji833][emoji833][emoji833] [emoji833][emoji833][emoji833] [emoji833][emoji833] [emoji833]
  20. Wordle 382 5/6 [emoji833][emoji833][emoji833][emoji833][emoji833] [emoji833][emoji833][emoji833][emoji833] [emoji833][emoji833][emoji833][emoji833] [emoji833]
  21. Wordle 381 5/6 [emoji833][emoji833][emoji833][emoji833] [emoji833][emoji833][emoji833][emoji833] [emoji833][emoji833] [emoji833]
  22. Wordle 380 3/6 [emoji833][emoji833] [emoji833]
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