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  1. Any tips for testing a 3 yr old? Not looking forward to this at all. Kids are dropping like flies at the minute, loads off at our school, daughter's nursery was like a ghost town today as well.
  2. Much better than I anticipated. Bit of cutting edge up front and we are winning that. Has anyone mentioned that we need to get a striker in?
  3. Fair play, we've deserved that. Morrison has been terrific.
  4. We were pretty much in control until Wilson stepped in the pitch. From that point on we were under pressure. Less said about Miller the better. I'd have like us to have been a bit stronger on the ball throughout the team. Dowds >>>>>> Wilson every day of the week.
  5. Quick question , for those at the game the other night, how strict were stewards on the mask wearing when you were in your seat? Going today and having just watched the video it seems a piece of nonsense to be sitting with family outside, nobody near and being forced to wear a mask the entire time.
  6. He's a brilliant foil for Hiddleston, the scenes with the two of them are tremendous. Anyone else getting Wizard of Oz vibes about the Timekeepers?
  7. First episode of Loki was a hoot. Hiddleston was brilliant as Loki's bravado was stripped away - good to see the old Loki back if only for a short while before realising the free will he thought he had did not exist, seeing his MCU arc through his eyes was actually quite painful to watch.
  8. See if you lot south of the M80 could sort yourselves out thanks very much....
  9. Me too, 3.40 am this morning, now mainlining coffee to get through the day at work!
  10. Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom is top notch. Nanny Plum is fantastic. Also echo the Hey Duggee love.
  11. Another delighted central scotland Green voting household here.
  12. Blue envelope through the door today. Mr Baggio (42) & me (44) going to Ravenscraig for a wee vaccination date on the 16th.
  13. Another couple of SNP/Green in this Lanarkshire house.
  14. Predictions for our 3 heroes? Hastings - dead, things to atone for, killed in the line of duty unmasking the bad guy. Steve - Forced to leave the force due to ill health. Moves in with Mrs Corbett to be sad together. Kate - Promotion and put in charge of a new anti corruption unit. Cannot wait. Been watching this since the BBC2 days. What a great journey it has been.
  15. There is still a chance we won't even make the play offs. Right now I think we just need put out of our misery. Holt should be first straight out the door.
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