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  1. John Hughes is only interested in John Hughes. Huge backwards step so it's a massive no from me. If Darren Young is interested we need to have a serious and open conversation with EF.
  2. Popping in with my spurious gossip that involves Alan Gow waiting to swoop in in January when (not if) this all falls through. Another of his former clubs had asked if he was interested in getting involved with them. Also, from the same source (ha ha) Mckinnon's team talks every week are apparently summed up as you're better, get paid more so should win. No tactics or game plan. This comes as no surprise and the idea of him as head coach is laughable. All just hearsay but what are we here for if not to analyse every rumour and bit of gossip when we get nothing from our own club.
  3. True story I was on my way to see my then boyfriend (now husband of 10 yrs!). I had met Kilt at the fives so he knew my first name. One throwaway RTBC post later and a very awkward encounter ensued as he appeared with a box of maltesers on my way to the gate. I have no idea what he hoped to achieve with this behaviour. Lesson learned regarding over sharing on the Internet! No idea what made me click on this thread, to old for this forum nonsense these days, still browse the Falkirk threads and a few others but most of the chat passes me by now.
  4. Of the top of my head.... Stokes scored in the league cup semi for celtic. Excellent free kick.
  5. Free kick was against hamilton in the game Lee Bullen scored. Sad, sad news :-(
  6. I loved it, I was completely enthralled from the start. I thought Kylo Ren / Adam Driver was fantastic, loved his rage and vulnerability. All the new characters were great, really want to know more about them which is a good sign. Surely Rey is the daughter of Luke? I loved that the film had more questions than answers, so much to discuss and dissect!
  7. Baggio


    Hadn't thought of that, looks ideal actually!
  8. Baggio


    We are taking our boy and are just going to have to take pot luck with parking.....see what we can find.
  9. Was at the Murray match, it really was a fantastic atmosphere. Also amazing to appreciate how fast these guys hit the ball while still keeping it under control.. Murray is just brilliant and we are genuinely lucky to have him.
  10. W1D2 done..snow, mud and the foo fighters up loud...loved it :-)
  11. So, this thread seems for serious distances these days! Haven't had a look in it for a while. After 3 10 k races on 2013, 2014 was a bit of a waste for me. Missed the women's 10k in may as was away and the lack of a real goal like that knocked me out for the rest of the year. Had grand plans for 2015 but then spent most of January with a chest infection that meant it was a struggle to walk the half a mile to my son's school. So today I've dialled it right back, couch 2 5k W1D1 to try and get my mojo back. Stuck on GotG soundtrack and just went out and had some fun. It wasn't nearly as bad as I expected so I should be back doing 5k in no time. Hopefully....
  12. Baggio

    The Walking Dead

    Sleepy hollow is on Wednesday, it is glorious nonsense. Great fun.
  13. Baggio

    Day 4

    Not long in from a great night at the sevens. Aside from the action on the pitch, the wee fella loved it and had a great time high fiving all the players and even managed to get on the big screen playing the bongo. Would echo your comment about the food aswell. Given we were in the family stand over dinner time the fact their was absolutely nothing to eat was absolutely shocking.
  14. Seems a bit of a kick in the teeth for Cuthbert. Saw his interview after the play off final and for him to now not get the chance in the top league must be gutting. Very sad about Mcgovern leaving.
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