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  1. Don't kid yourself that it's a new Airdrieonians. A rebranded Clydebank is all you'll ever be
  2. I'm not sure, I remember they were going to show a Falkirk v Airdrie game just before the lockdown hit though, but no sign of any significant coverage since then
  3. Sportsound are a disgrace, and there's no coverage for anything below championship, whilst very little for anything non-OF.
  4. I am still dribbling with rage over Gary Holt. The horrible p***k.
  5. Whilst the defending was piss poor, Hogarth getting beat at his near post for the first goal is an awful piece of goalkeeping.
  6. Dunfermline game probably a good opportunity to try and promote FSS
  7. I thought Oliver had a decent game today.
  8. Yeah, but it's physical tickets only so you'll need to either go into the club shop or phone them
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