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  1. Do keep in mind you went through my profile to red dot all my posts after a couple of red dots from me
  2. Think he's the one that told Airdrie he would 'liquadate' them
  3. Must feel really big when you go on the Clydebank p&b forum to mock a kid's twitter account.
  4. The sheer arrogance of these Clydebank fans!
  5. You disregard the view of people you don't know? How narrow minded, to be expected of Airdrie fans I suppose.
  6. You are thoroughly obsessed. I strongly recommend you find something better to do and spend some time away from p&b
  7. The Clydebank fans on here have wee man syndrome
  8. A Livingston fan who has only ever posted on the Falkirk thread. Seems a little obsessed
  9. Even if he turns out to be shit, at least signing for us has pissed off some Fifers.
  10. McGlynn can hopefully get the best out of McCann
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