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  1. Please, please, please stop the obsession with signing a target man striker. There is no need for one in our squad, and it just leads to ugly football that hinders our chances of winning, especially against weaker oppostition.
  2. I wouldn't mind a cup run either, but this is not the competition to do it in. Even when we were in the championship we hardly ever got out of the group - the whole thing is designed to keep the Premiership teams in it as the group format requires consistency and ability, and lessens the impact of luck. Not only would we have to get something against St Johnstone, we'd also have to win against the rest of our group, which is, evidently, unlikely. For me, it is best to treat this as an extension of preseason. As for the game, I am fully aware it wasn't our best performance but I was merely suggesting it wasn't completely awful. As the negatives have been well documented I was highlighting the things I thought were alright. I hope to see better performances in the future, and haven't completely lost hope about our chances in the league.
  3. It obviously wasn't a great performance but the overreaction on here is mental. This is the first game of the new season, with a new squad, in a competition that (let's be honest) no-one could care any less about. We cannot write off our whole season because we lost a glorified friendly. And the performance wasn't even as bad as people are making out. At times we passed the ball nicely and kept possession well. We created chances, certainly more than in any game at the end of last season. Think McKechnie's early miss, Connelly had a couple of shots after good footwork and Quitongo looked a reasonable attacking threat at times. This isn't taking away from the criticism, which definitely needs to be made, but the game was not a complete disaster - I for one thought our 2 goals were absolute crackers. In terms of the formation, I would stick with the 3 at the back, at least for the next couple of games. If that is what Wullie thought our best way of playing was, and how he focused his recruitment, he shouldn't discard it after one failure. Use it for the next couple and give the team some practice with it; that is what these games are for. If it still doesn't work, change it after. I would like to see Wullie at least put himself on the bench though - we could have done with him today. I'm not giving up on this team yet, and I am still looking forward to the start of the season (just about). Hopefully we bounce back against Ayr.
  4. All preseason lineups and substitutions. The substitutions aren't player for player but by position (e.g. vs Raith Rovers McKechnie was subbed on for Paul McKay but played at RWB). My thoughts: Wullie seems to be favouring either a 3421 or 3412 formation, which so far I like as it allows Connelly to be more central than where he was at the end of last season where he was stuck out wide. Also Todd and Quitongo have both played very well in their positions, Quitongo's form being especially pleasing due to the doubts (myself included) around his ability upon signing. I've also been pleased to see so many youth players given a chance, particularly Lewis Gibson who looks to be a real player, getting an assist today as well. I would use a similar team in the league cup next week, although that depends on the fitness of those who haven't played so far. Does anyone know if Gibson has decided whether he will be a regular first team player this season? Obviously he hasn't played himself so far in preseason. I would imagine he would be very good at RWB though! I now can't wait for the season to start as we look to have a good squad, certainly better than last year already. Hopefully the campaign doesn't end up being too disappointing... /// Raith Rovers highlights incase you haven't seen them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PvyAnYaRxdQ Today's trialist was confirmed to be Ross Irving in this article: http://www.qosfc.com/news-5799. If it has been confirmed, does that mean we are signing him? I didn't think the trialist names were publicly disclosed by clubs.
  5. That was a problem with the board and Allan Johnston though? If you, like me and many others, believed a new manager could turn our fortunes around, and that AJ was a major problem, surely you had some sort of belief in the squad at his disposal? I think we did show improvements when Wullie Gibson took over showing the squad weren't completely useless. How many of our strikers have been given contract offers for next season? None out of the 13 total offers. The rest of the squad were Championship quality; as I said before, if we had talismanic strikers like the previous seasons we'd have stayed up comfortably. The strikers take up 1 or 2 positions in our lineup; they shouldn't define the quality of our whole squad. We lost 13 of those 19 games by one goal. I'm not suggesting this team would have been anywhere near challenging for the playoffs even with a striker that can score, but 3 more goals in those games or the nine that we drew could have kept us up. We had a record of 6 wins, 3 draws and 3 losses against the rest of the bottom 4. We 'won' that mini league. And I'm not sure saying we only got 7/9 points in our last 3 games is a strong argument for last season being our worst ever team. For me that shows remnants of grit, desire and determination instilled by our new manager Wullie Gibson, and the fact that the squad was capable of performing. Obviously we all have our opinions, but I don't think the relegation should blind us to the fact that our team wasn't actually any worse than our previous ones. We would have got relegated in the COVID curtailed season, saved by a ridiculous ppg ruling. Stephen Dobbie rescued us in the playoffs before that, and a 2 month purple patch aided us in the shortened 20/21 season.
  6. I completely disagree with this. Our squad last season was the best we've had for the last 4 years, in terms of quality "all over the park". To me it says a lot that we've signed 10 players from our relegated squad for next season, and there's not one of them that the majority (or even a significant proportion) of people are unhappy about. There are also 2-3 more people who the club would have received no complaints about should they have been re-signed (Rae, Fitzpatrick, maybe Cooper). Yes, we got relegated so our opponents will be worse. But, as everybody knows, we still need a better quality squad than last season to get promoted this time around. We should no longer be fighting to survive; we need to win matches. It takes a lot to unanimously please a football team's support, and the fact the new contracts of 10 relegated players from the "worst team in the club's professional history" have done just that proves something for me. We have been saved in recent seasons by strikers that can score goals. In each of the three seasons before our relegation one we had one of the two best stikers in the league. The season before last we had Connor Shields (who was the second best striker behind Liam Boyce) and then signed for Motherwell; we also had Ayo Obileye who was the second top scorer in the league (I'm not suggesting he was a better striker than Shields). The 2 seasons before that we were single handedly saved by the indefatigable Stephen Dobbie (and COVID-19). The season before last, two of our better players were Rhys McCabe and a certain Daniel Pybus. Yet people were not disappointed to see them released. Last season, we were entirely competent against teams our standard (Dunfermline, Morton, Ayr). We just bottled it against any teams better than us. The lack of experience and belief (and obviously ability) in Allan Johnston's final squad as manager ultimately ended our status as a Championship club. But the ability was not worse than before. Ultimately we got relegated because our top scorer in the league last season scored a grand total of 7 goals, with second top on 4. If we had a talismanic figure up front like beforehand we would have comfortably stayed in the division. Personally, last season's squad was the first since 17/18 that I've felt any sort of connection with. They didn't do that by being the worst I've ever seen. The amount of games I came out of thinking that we should have got more from that. The squad didn't get worse, the league got better, and we got slightly unlucky. Edit: Just looked back at the post and it's very long, sorry!
  7. I have a screenshot of the guy at left mid when the goal went in if that helps.
  8. It looks like we were playing 442. McKechnie was RM when the goal was scored so that must mean the trialist was a LM. Wullie wasn't involved - was he taking a look from the sidelines for this game or is he looking to take a more secondary role this season? I suppose Todd/East/Connelly didn't play so they could have just been playing new signings and younger players. There was also no Paul McKay. Does anyone know how far away he is from a return from injury? He'll obviously have to build up match fitness again so it'll be good if he's back sooner rather than later. Unfortunately the goal was scored from McKechnie's side so we can't see who the trialist was in the video Kilmarnock put up. It was a great finish though.
  9. We only have 3 senior central midfielders (Cochrane, Wilson, McGrory) as well as McMahon and Johnstone, so I'm not surprised he's looking for another. Yes, Todd could fill in at CM but he was preferred at LM last season, and I think he'll continue to be first choice at LM. Although then again, Gibson's dodgy maths might end up looking closer to the truth if this were the case. I'm not sure I'd be too devastated if Cochrane were to leave though. McGrory and Wilson are both very able, and we would get some sort of fee for him given he is still under contract. Also, I imagine his wages will be amongst the highest in the squad. Cochrane is a good player, but never seems to have a run of games without injury, which for me stops him from reaching the next level as a footballer. I think that we would be able to replace him.
  10. I was wondering about that as well. Excluding youth players we currently have 17 in the squad and he wants 4/5 more. He is a football manager not a mathematician though! *** He named GK, ST and a midfielder as positions he'd like another option in. I assume that a winger (hopefully Fitzpatrick but probably not) and a defender would be the other 2. I think we need a leftback as I'm not sure we can go into next season with Quitongo as our only option there. I'd like Cooper to stay as he looked competent enough last season, but like Fitzpatrick he probably has other offers. If we sign another GK, we can only assume Cowie will be out on loan; if he was good enough as backup last season he definitely would be this season. Hopefully a league 2 club would want him, but I imagine he'll go to Dalbeattie Star or another Lowland league team - being a first choice goalkeeper is more important than standard at this stage I think.
  11. Cove Rangers had 2.19 ppg last season which is 10.95 every 5 games. I think we can afford to start a little bit slower than that (if we were to end up going for the title). I would take 8-9 points from the first 5, including not losing to Falkirk in game 5. For me that would be a very solid start, and would likely build confidence and momentum for the rest of the season. It might be an early round Scottish Cup game, it could also be an SPFL Trust Trophy game (the Quarter-Finals are usually early December). They almost certainly won't be blank weeks - only one Championship game a week is televised so I doubt there'll be any problems with TV companies not wanting clashes with the World Cup.
  12. I was absolutely delighted that Connelly had resigned. But I then had to re-sign myself to the fact that we now have to endure another year of people spelling his name incorrectly. I think now that we all know the difference between resign and re-sign, we should teach ourselves the correct spelling of Lee's name!
  13. From what I can make out Ruth is 5'8" (although there are differing reports), so a similar profile physically to Reilly and Paton. I think this would mean Wullie has no intention of using a target man, which I definitely can't say I'm unhappy about.
  14. Hopefully he'll be a Ruth-less finisher... That's all I'm asking for!
  15. I obviously don't speak for everybody (and I'm sure plenty of others will disagree) but: For me the main problem was always Allan Johnston, and we've replaced him with our previous captain, which seems to have made the club atmosphere more positive. I would rather we had different owners but there isn't anyone that would be willing to buy or invest into the club, and while we don't have a large budget, so far I think our transfers in have been good enough for the level we are expected to be playing at. The manager has been backed reasonably and we just have to see how we fare next season. The things which have frustrated me most recently is the physical condition of the stadium and lack of care for it (Palmerston looks run down), and the fact that it's Mr Hewitson's company that won our shirt sponsor draw (although it probably was fair, I'd have put the name back in and redrawn it). Nothing (apart from our division) has really changed, but as there isn't any possibility of a takeover at the moment, in my opinion we just have to continue as we are - our situation is far from a catastrophe; we aren't in debt and at risk of going bust, and we look to have as decent a chance as we could expect of getting promoted next season.
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