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  1. Might have been a penalty but tired of watching Alegria waste good scoring opportunities in favour of trying to get a penalty which has not once worked this season. If he had held some strength he might have got his head on that and scored. Better chance of that than penalties at this rate and he is wasting them. His hold up play is better than Burrels though.
  2. I would agree that at the time it seemed that way but for me coming down to league 1 the first year there has a lot more going for us than being down here 4 seasons watching a steady decline in third tier football. The relegated championship team is always the favourite to go back up the first year as well. Where the last 4 years for me have been like watching a slow death. And there is a much bigger rebuild needed now that there was then (although not saying it was good then either) which is why I say simply looking at points is a touch oversimplistic. It's still relevant for sure and it's not good enough, but I think time is the answer rather than calling for yet another managers job. Also who is the alternative? Right now there is absolutely no one to me that sounds a better shout than McGlynn. If teams that had better seasons than us last season are struggling to find good managers then how do we expect anyone to want to work here after firing the one manager who had a remote chance of turning things around while he was here and was showing improvements?
  3. It doesn't look great but for me the difference is that McGlynn is having to build up from one of the worst seasons we have had after years of mismanagement, so for me comparing like for like points/win rate etc is too oversimplistic. Especially with 14 of the squad already signed so it's difficult to build from scratch exactly what you want. Also comparing the league tables this season and last, points may not be that different or far off but look at the goal difference. Shows already what kind of improvement there is. I will give him a bit more time for that reason and think it's far too early to be against him just yet. Saying that lawal coming on that late in the game is shocking, he had one bad game and Oliver scores against Wick and that is deemed enough to take Lawal's spot? Also Morrison needed off far earlier but bringing McGuffie on as a replacement is just nowhere near an improvement. Desperately hoping for some movement in January with players out as well as in.
  4. I get that this is a common and completely understandable opinion but this is my main reason for feeling so strongly about fan ownership. Because the fans get to vote for two places on the board and can rightly vote people in or out when necessary which has a big impact. Likewise fan ownership gives a steady, reliable income to the club that can be used for the playing budget. If we don't get the numbers then we don't get those things. In the right numbers fan ownership could contribute to the solution to both of those things.
  5. The target was £250,000 raised by FSS from October over around 8 months. With an average of £12 per month membership which it was at the time that would need a total of 2604 members.
  6. What's disappointing about what you've just said is that I actually agree with you that the board should be criticised when required and jumping on people or trying to shut people up by saying you're just an ex board supporter is not okay. But here you are doing the exact same when actually all I've said is that I don't understand people complaining about the lack of clarity when they have been open since the summer about the situation. But the situation is rightly concerning and if there is criticism due it will come, at the moment I'm happy with the information and direction we have been told we are heading.
  7. Please don't put words in my mouth.... I don't think I once for a second blamed fans for anything? To recap, the board made a push for fan ownership thinking it would cover the costs - factual. The uptake has been less than anticipated, and I am disappointed with that, because I have hope for fan ownership and worry if the uptake is not high enough it will not be continued. But likewise completely understand the other support that has been provided and even made reference to the increased gates etc. Also you've spent quite some time saying you aren't against the board and condemning people for suggesting you are an ex-board supporter but when someone disagrees with you you immediately jump to "board supporter". Bit hypocritical no? I was also pretty clear about how disappointed I was with the board on their statement about it being unfair only 10% of fans were supporting etc for exactly this reason. Fans support in every way they can and in this climate anything is excellent. Doesn't change my disappointment at the numbers for FSS which I thought and hoped would be higher especially when the board have been clear about the finances.
  8. I have to say I'm really not understanding the "come clean now" rhetoric from some of our own fans?? I understand other clubs saying that who have not been following but not sure what was not clear back in July from the meet the board night about "we have a 400k operating loss which we need fan ownership to cover or we will have to look elsewhere". And then again in September, and October, and November? The concerning thing to me is not the lack of clarity but about the fact we had no cash reserves in the bank this season (which was made clear at the meet the board night) because of ridiculous over spending from the last board. Yes giving McGlynn extra budget is definitely a gamble, but as far as we know, the bigger gates and hospitality uptake etc is covering that so it seems it's maybe a gamble that is paying itself off. Although it would have been ideal if that wasn't needed we equally need to get out this league as soon as possible so I also feel it's worth that gamble. On top of that the board have made an attempt for fan ownership to cover costs, and get a steady income from people who can be relied on (us as fans) and our fans have been completely apathetic about it. 620 members is okay but I'd have thought the emergence of the financial situation would have encouraged more and honestly I'm disappointed that it hasn't. And finally as for the AGM being delayed, again not sure what is not clear from their most recent statement that they need the finances to be confirmed before they have the AGM. And it's the same with the auditors so I don't get why people are acting as if it's such a surprise and the board have some how mislead people. It's been laid out for everyone to see for months now, to the detriment of us here who have to listen to other clubs rejoicing over it
  9. I mean if you can't see the benefit of £125k cash injection in a financial emergency for the cost of losing a meagre £7500 per year in a multimillion £ budget then I would maybe leave the finances to other people. You have also said they have adjusted cashflow as if that is some kind of insult and not the literal goal of the initiative???
  10. Didn't someone say days ago that 14 of these 10 year tickets had already been requested? So there must be an appetite. I get that it's a cost of living crisis but these kind of tickets are obviously not meant for those that are most affected by it, and are more for the people who can spend £5k with or without a cost of living crisis. So I don't really see the issue. I guess the only downside could be it highlights the desperation as other clubs only offered these immediately before administration.... But the club has been very clear about the financial difficulties for months so it's not new information and just brings extra money we wouldn't otherwise get.
  11. 25 tickets sold at £5k = £125k. £400k - £125k = £275k left to fill. Don't need an accounting degree for that.
  12. I understand that actually, but as I mentioned, I think the board have been questioned and have been quite clear the situation is bad but they have x y and z plan they hope will solve the various issues. If they were outright lying surely they would just say everything is fine and nothing to worry about? That's why I am inclined to trust what has been said thus far anyway, I hope I'm not proven wrong.
  13. To be fair I think people are asking questions? I think the board has been consistently pretty clear about all of the above. They had a meet the board session over the summer where these finances were laid out in PowerPoints. They have statements discussing the financial issues and a podcast which was only just a month ago. They have now written an additional statement which updates even more on the podcast. So I think the questions are all pretty much being answered and they have been clear about the situation for months now and are showing progress at every step. Unless, as you say they are outright lying I wouldn't say there is cause for concern in terms of information not being available. My main concerns are mainly in performance staying good so that we do remain on track for that 600k revenue increase (which they said we are to exceed in the most recent supporters update) and that the 400k is covered. But from what Latapy Bairn has said these various initiatives are on track to cover that 400k... So currently all my concerns/worries are being addressed with more clarity still to come via AGM so I don't feel the need to go breaking doors down demanding more answers just yet.
  14. Do you know if the various pay offs for Sheerin, Rennie and Holt were included in the spending budget for last year, or was this an additional cost unrelated to spending budgets?
  15. Great to hear that the 600k increase in revenue is on track and potentially to be exceeded, that's one less thing to worry about (for now). Wonder what sort of investment they will be looking at to cover the shortfall then, soft loans from shareholders or outside investment?
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