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  1. I've highlighted the argument that you've made and then repeated. This is an advancement of Wesminster is shit, you want your individual vote to be worth more. Fair enough, that's respectable and extremely similar to why so many people voted for Brexit. I disagree regarding the perpetual Tory rule argument. You may have missed it but I said to GAD that the Westminster is shit argument is one that's unlikely to convince any floating voters, you'll get greenies for your impressive Tory bashing but other than that it's furthering none of the bigger issues. Congrats on providing a decent point regarding individuals feeling better represented, think that's the first one posted by anyone since Nicolas speech. Yeah fair enough, we can agree to disagree on the effectiveness of that attack line. Hopefully we'll see some substantive points put forward soonish, I'm very cynical that will happen and maintain the view we're not seeing any because they'd prefer to fight a GE on the Westminster shit line.
  2. I've already said it'll be front and centre of their GE campaign, if they were confident of having a referendum we'd actually see substantive arguments other than "Westminster bad". You know tackling issues like Currency, hard borders, EU membership, Nato etc... The record of Westminster isn't a huge argument for Indy, that's been my whole point. It's a reason why some people are unhappy but it's not providing an alternative by any means. The only people that would find this point as compelling are people that are already ideologically sold on Indy.
  3. Of course you're not arguing it but you're not elaborating which leaves your post as just what I stated it was. You agree the case needs to be made I'm just pointing out the rhetoric about how shit Westminster is isn't an argument for Independence, it's fair enough you want to leave it up to others to make the positive case for Indy and I'm not having a pop at you over your reluctance to do so. I've also never once said we should blindly believe everything will be better in the UK or said anything close to that, you've made that up. I've not attempted to make a case for remaining in the Union, the status quo is we are in the Union and Indy seems unlikely, until that changes the onus isn't on me. From my other posts in this section if you've seen them then you may gather I think and want Labour to win the next GE, I think that would be far more appealing and help the wider British public more than leaving the UK would.
  4. Not at all, I shitpost all over the place. I'll try and temper my language as to not indirectly offend you in future.
  5. Can't recall where but some people on here were previously discussing the idea we would have a referendum on if we wanted to have one. From what you've said that sounds like a very hard sell if it were to be the case.
  6. I'm adding "sensitive wee souls" to the list of sufferers.
  7. 10/10 response if this was a anywhere near truthful. I don't like Stormzys music though and my post wasn't personally aimed at yourself even if the stars aligned on that particular one.
  8. No but blindly believing Indy Scotland would be any better without putting up any points or arguments explaining why can't be treated as a reasonable stance. Fair enough that you don't want to make the positive case yourself, it would be quite nice if someone within the SNP would actually do so rather than hiding behind their veil of secrecy though. I think they need to tackle the pertinent issues that lost them the last referendum early on this time but I think the lack of forthcoming pro Indy arguments shows they're not exactly expecting to be fighting a referendum anytime soon. The rhetoric you've used is similar to what they'll use in the next General Election right enough.
  9. Not really. You've listed your perceived grievances with the UK which is fair enough, you now need to further this post and address why each gripe you have would be improved under an Independent Scotland. You've mentioned economic arguments, can you make a case that under an Independent Scotland wages would increase, the economy would perform better, we would rejoin the EU? If you can't then those issues you've raised yourself aren't answered by blindly leaving the UK. It's hardly a good sales pitch to say, here these things are all shite, let's potentially make them 10 x worse with the added bonus of a decade of austerity and a hard border with our biggest trading partner... You've also rightly said Brexit would be a disaster but until you can provide alternatives you're basically advocating further disaster without anything positive on offer. At this point in time leaving the UK would leave Scotland out of the EU and the UK for the foreseeable future. Your argument seems to be Brexit was shit let's now do it again but with Scotland... Saying the UK is dysfunctional let's potentially have more dysfunction isn't a convincing strategy, you're basically just doubling down on your already entrenched position, which will go well in an echo chamber but does absolutely nothing to convince anyone that's not moved by soundbites.
  10. Jun 30, 2022 47 | Avg. Guesses: 7.08 = 8 #globle Stinker.
  11. Clearly never had it. I did have it when I was a wee boy but I literally manned up and grew out of it. It's basically an illness exclusivley for children, ginger people, speccy people and massive VLs.
  12. I've tried having a search and I can only find people countering those claims. I'd say the evidence out there seems pretty conclusive they struck a mall with civilians in it. https://www.bellingcat.com/news/2022/06/29/russias-kremenchuk-claims-versus-the-evidence/
  13. What's your source for the mall actually being a factory?
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