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  1. Here’s one, we’re absolutely shite with an atrocious manager
  2. His signings in January have been a disgrace, no style of football and now can’t win a game except if it’s against fucking cove
  3. Ultimately could be blessing in disguise as shows how effective o Connor can be
  4. What a horrible January window that was, pointless resting players for fucking elgin if we have a full week til we play again
  5. Our record against top 4 has been stinking recently pumped every single time
  6. Dipo mistakes led to both goals and reading gives away his usual howler
  7. He is the difference between winning a league and finishing outside the play offs he’s that bad
  8. Why was ecrepont not playing? Reading has been gash for weeks, disaster from bullen.
  9. This has also happened to me, I’m hoping it’s because the stream is not live yet ?
  10. The only free unlimited one I’m aware of is opera which is basically a free internet browser which comes with its own VPN
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